ARCHANGEL GABRIEL #3 - MARCH 2018


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 Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as blessedness. What is blessedness? This quality comes into manifestation when an individual is deeply aligned with their own inner goodness and their own God qualities. They experience a state of well-being that is characterized by emotions that range from contentment to intense joy and which has the element of the divine in it. They know and feel this spirit energy which descends from above into the core of the divine essence within them and brings this quality of love to their lives. They spend a period of time each day in prayer, meditation, and supplication to the divine which overlights their individual life and they know that their prayers are answered through the synchronicities and events that occur with regularity in their lives in miraculous ways in response to their heartfelt communication with the divine within. They live their life in blessedness – a gift.

 This spark within them has been tested and tried in the fires of temptation and purification as they daily walk their path in life. Each individual is beset by temptations to which they respond by calling forth the finest qualities within them when it would have been so much easier to go with the prevailing consciousness of the world around them by reacting in a less than loving manner. Each time a person does this in response to the temptations of the earthbound, they walk in a state of blessedness because they have chosen the higher more compassionate response and their being radiates a greater light around them because of this. In the life of each individual upon the Earth is the temptation to do what has been done for countless generations which is accepted by the mainstream as the correct response, and many times, it is incumbent upon the individual to respond in a new way, a divine way, to whatever temptation is before them. It involves the use of the qualities of patience, wisdom and discernment to make their response one that does not provoke resistance in the other individuals around them but instead utilizes their own divine qualities in alignment with the divine within them.

 The quality of blessedness is one in which each individual daily acts with faith, graciousness and deep love in their interactions with others. By doing this, they affirm their love and Holiness for the Creator first and foremost and show their willingness to live according to the higher principles and ideals of universal law. The golden rule of do unto others as one would have done to them is always at the forefront of their thinking and doing. In this, the temptations are numerous with which to respond in the old ways, the ways of self interest and self gratification, and those who purify within themselves this tendency, choose to live their life in blessedness of their being, the God within them whom they love and consecrate with all their mind, heart and soul and to whom great thankfulness and homage is daily given. These ones live as an illumined being in simplicity and faith, and their life upon the Earth is blessed with all that is good in great abundance. This is not to say that they do not have challenges to overcome and experience, for in every life upon the planet each individual must go through these situations in order to come to this place of blessedness. How else could one arrive at the wisdom gained from the experience?

In deep humility, then, the individual puts their faith and trust in God, knowing that without this sacred connection, the person would most likely have fallen into the temptations of this world. And so, the individual feels a sense of deep security and blessedness in their alignment to the divine and this brings them much happiness and a fearless heart, knowing that they are aligned to the mightiest force in all the universe and that they can withstand the onslaught of the forces that would defeat them. Each time an individual prevails over the temptations that beset them is a time of celebration and joy and when the individual sees a multitude of such temptations successfully avoided and averted, they know that they walk in victory and endurance and their blessedness is like the pearl that is found in an oyster, formed through the suffering in the heart of the oyster, which has become the pearl beyond price.

As one walks this world in integrity and truth, aligned to the divine within them, these jewels of the spirit are inexpressibly precious to those who labored for them and obtained them. These ones know that these jewels are a reward, an appreciation from the Creator for living their life filled with all the fullness of the God force within them, for the glory of God is within them. According to the love and goodness of the Creator, a spiritual life well lived brings rewards of the spirit that cannot be compared with anything of this Earth. The reward for such a life is to walk in blessedness  every day of their sojourn here on Earth. Such a one becomes a shining example that others around them want to emulate so that they too, can enjoy the fruits of the spirit; of peace, happiness, joy and contentment in all that they do, so that they too, can walk the Earth in blessedness.

I leave you now with the blessings of the Divine.

 I AM Archangel Gabriel

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