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Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love we call dignity. This quality is one that each soul holds as uppermost in their spiritual makeup as they traverse the individual path their soul has chosen to walk upon this planet. It entails the holding to higher standards of conduct which the individual sees as necessary in all situations that transpire in their everyday lives and in the choices that each person makes. Many times, the choices that one individual makes affects the lives and paths of others with whom they hold bonds of love and familial ties and careful thought must be given before the embracing of one’s individual choices. What is important to remember is the necessity of clear communication of that choice to all the members so that all members know where they stand and that one individual’s choice does not mean that there is something amiss in the overall acceptance and deservability of the other individuals. It must be clearly communicated that the choice that is being made is because of the need to move into a different area on one’s path that does not include the others in it. Always, it must be communicated to one’s companions in a way that allows them to preserve this quality of love known as dignity within themselves.

 Sometimes the choices that are made are not accepted by one’s companions and there is resistance to the implementation of one’s choices. This usually occurs when much pain and perceived loss is involved in the one who is affected by this choice. The one who is left behind must go through a process of the elimination of their former expectations in regards to the one who has chosen a different path. This can be a difficult situation to endure but it does open up an avenue of growth for each individual in terms of the expansion of their consciousness and in the boundaries for acceptance which they hold.  Each individual involved in the situation must be allowed to maintain this quality of love within them. Many times, it is preferable to let the other go through the consequences of their choices and allow them that experience as that is in all likelihood a part of their soul’s plan to further their spiritual growth, expansion and understanding. It is wise for the one who must step back to be in acceptance of it. Ultimately, the soul plan for each person is one that unfolds naturally and if dignity of self is honoured by those who love them, the growth can be one that includes a renewal of the bonds of love, albeit in a different form than before.

Having this quality of love within allows an individual to be sovereign and free to pursue their experience of their life upon this planet in a way that is not hindered by guilt and remorse. It opens up new avenues of possibilities for the person in their chosen new direction and removes the shackles of oppression and stagnation they may have been feeling in their lives and this helps them to uncover new streams of creativity and productiveness that could not have been possible for them before. It gives them a new lease on their experience of life and they feel renewed and invigorated on their journey through life and this in all likelihood can open up new talents, skills and abilities that would have taken much longer to surface from within them. Each person must listen to the voice from within them that speaks and reminds them of the path they have chosen to follow so that their life flows in grace, ease and harmony at all times. It renews passion and zest for life within them and their self esteem is nurtured and fed with positive reinforcement that following their heart’s promptings will always lead them to the goodness of life they wish to experience.

When one follows the path of the heart, one maintains their innate dignity and self respect. There are no inner battles that must be fought in a dualistic manner that moves them into opposing directions within themselves. All experiences in their life flow with harmony and with beneficial results. The universe works with them to bring them more of the positive experiences and events that they feel grateful to have experienced. It creates an openness to receive more of the good things that have already occurred in their lives. There are an infinite number of blessings that come into manifestation in their everyday lives and they become living examples for others to recognize, perceive and emulate. These individuals perceive that here is one among them that lives with freedom and no restrictions and that their life is a testament to the honouring of their own dignity and inner guidance. As each member of society honors themselves in this way, it enables many others to do the same and ultimately creates more freedom of expression in the overall collective consciousness.

As humanity allows each other to walk with dignity in all that they do, they nurture and feed the higher qualities of love that each person has within their spiritual makeup. This creates trust and cooperation in all interactions between individuals, groups and nations, which facilitates greater understanding of the importance of the honoring of each others godly and good qualities. In this way, a higher code of conduct and ethics begins to take effect in all human interactions and greater progress in worldly affairs begins to be the accepted norm of behaviour. This can only lead to a global civilization that has higher standards of conduct and morality than has been experienced before. This higher way of being can only bring positive and beneficent outcomes in the lives of all upon your planet.

 I leave you now to ponder these words with the greatest of love and respect.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

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