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This is an excerpt from a Reading I had done sometime in 2016...through Edwin Courtenay again.


We are going to begin by looking at the Sun Glyph on the chart and the alchemical symbol attributed to that which will provide us with some information about your spiritual origin and nature. We have a symbol here for Mars. In the alchemical process, Mars is aligned to the metal iron. Mars is one of the seven gates or seven rays which is connected to the alchemical process. It is the third ray which represents the power of will. Within the alchemical process, it’s about controlling unruly emotions and directing one’s energy towards positive action.

It talks about taking risks, being brave, acting courageously and dynamically with vigour and strength. Here then we have an insight as to your true spiritual nature. You are a spiritual warrior – someone whose path is focused on self mastery, the mastery of one’s own emotions and the mastery of one’s own thoughts. This is a path which is governed over by Ascended Master El Morya within the Ascended Master collective, he who is King Arthur.

It is a difficult and challenging path – a path of perfection and ascension and enlightenment. It is a path of transcendence through transformation by facing our emotions and thoughts and learning how to channel them and gain greater control and mastery over them using techniques and methods that we learn along the way, that we pick up along the way and which serve the function of helping us to find our own toolbox that we can apply. It’s about discovering our own patterns, recognizing our own shapes and forms, triggers and tendencies, habits and weaknesses and finding those things that enable us to master these things.

In regards to your spiritual origin – this marks you as a human soul. Now there is no need to feel in any way, shape or form disappointed. Many people might in theory, prefer to be an incarnate angel or an aspect of an ascended master but it is the human soul that has free will and as a result of that, has the power to make a difference here on Earth more than incarnate angels or aspects of masters do. You have great will and power and it is this will combined with wisdom and perception which will grant you the ability to change the world around you and make it what you want it to be.


 The second glyph looks at the quintessential power, the core energy and driving force inside you. Here we have an elemental triangle – it is the elemental triangle of fire. Fire was considered to be an essential primary element within the process of alchemical transmutation. The alchemists described themselves as philosophers of fire and saw it as really being the primary fuel, the driving force behind alchemical transmutation. Heat was required externally and internally in order for the transformation, the alchemical shift, to occur and so, heat was applied using fire and internal chemical heat was manifested by combining certain chemical elements together.

 Fire is the element of change. It is a catalytic force, it is perception and passion and protection and lies at the heart and quintessential nature of your being. You are an alchemist and catalyst for those around you, consciously and unconsciously, directly and indirectly, intentionally and unintentionally, you bring change. This power is not always looked upon brightly or with great welcome by people, it is a difficult force to be victim to and people often unconsciously, trace that force back to the originator and blame them even though they don’t exactly understand how or why it is possible to be affected by that person in this way.

 As a catalyst, you stir people into evolution and change, you stir up their emotions and their thoughts, you motivate them, you trigger shifts and changes within their personality and consciousness. There is an element of the Violet Flame within this but there is also, trace elements of the esoteric fires of the rays which would indicate that at some point, you’ve been chela to the Masters and inducted into the active principles of the energies that the Masters represent. Because of that, it would be beneficial for you to do some research into the active principles of the esoteric rays, into the powers and the fires of the ascended Master collective.


 The third glyph looks at love and relationships, twin flames, soul mates and soul family. Here we have an interesting symbol which represents androgyny. Androgyny was one of the culminations of the alchemical process. It is the point where the opposing forces, the masculine and feminine energies represented in the alchemical process in many different ways finally finds a resolution and joins together to create something new, not masculine, not feminine, but a perfect balance of the two combined as one.

 This symbol here at this point then suggests that at one point in time your soul was cleft in two and you were one part of a soul mate combination but what is interesting is that the glyph suggests that those two parts of the soul have merged back together as one and now you are your own soulmate.

Now this is unusual to have occurred whilst the person is still undergoing the process of incarnation and it marks you as an advanced soul, someone who has transcended the old soul status and returns largely out of choice, not completely necessarily because they have to but more because they want to aid the world and humanity with their evolutionary process. Advanced souls either have no karma at all or very little karma. It is not their main motivation for being here. They have extraordinary power and can draw upon the power of their surroundings and the ambient universal energy to heal and sustain themselves and push themselves forwards.

 Advanced souls are movers and shakers within the spiritual community. I do feel that you are also part of a larger soul family, very large in fact, but that shouldn’t become a preoccupation for you, because you’ve moved back into alignment with your soulmate, there isn’t a need to become obsessed with further soul family reunions because the important part of your soul is the part that you’ve already reconnected with. Some of your soul family members you will already know and some of them you won’t know and probably will never know – they seem to be scattered around the globe, but as I say, it shouldn’t particularly become an obsession. It doesn’t feel as though it is particularly that important.


The Jupiter glyph talks to us of your true and ultimate spiritual mission in life. Here we have an interesting alchemical glyph which is called philosophic sulpha which much was made of by the alchemists. It is about the importance of sulpha in their alchemical experiments and the symbol for the sulpha was the red rose, sometimes the Sun King. The Sun King represented the masculine principle within the alchemical process which was ultimately seeking not only alchemical purification but unification with its divine feminine complement.

 Philosophic sulpha talks about then, not the chemical sulpha but the principle behind it, directed energy, dynamics actions, strength and power and courage – the illumination of the Sun’s golden Light. And here then is our clearest clue – you are here to illuminate the world with the Light of your souls shine. This is partly to be done directly and dynamically through teaching, through inspiration but it is partly to be done through the process of osmosis – spiritual radiation, anchoring, grounding, holding, channelling the Light of your advanced soul here on Earth in order to lift and raise the vibration of those people around you and bring change and transformation to people’s consciousness, to lift the vibration of your physical location.

It’s a powerful role to play and of course there are a number of ways to play it. There is an indication here that part of the way is to be done dynamically, overtly, to assume the role of the spiritual teacher, initiate, guide and catalyst whilst another way is simply to radiate your Light, to shine your Light wherever you go.

Dynamic energy is important in what you do. There are some spiritual teachers, spiritual catalysts and initiates who work in a very passive and receptive way, neutral way almost. They wait for people to come to them. Their work is languid and watery but you need to seek out people, you need to be direct and honest, you need to be almost, aggressive, with your spiritual truth.

You are that catalytic force that shakes people out of their stupor and awakens them to their potential. You are what the world needs at this moment in time because we don’t have the luxury that we used to have or waiting for things to happen any more. The world is tottering on the edge of crisis and it needs to wake up and it needs to wake up fast and it is people like you who can bring this fast awakenment into being.


 The Mercury glyph talks about the overseeing Archangelic or Ascended Master patrons and how to work with them. Here we have a glyph called the ilambic. The ilambic is the vessel in which the alchemical process takes place. It is not the furnace, not the fire; it’s the vase or cauldron. It talks about you, your vessel, your body, your spirit, the things that hold your souls Light, the power. It talks about the Ascended Masters and how they are the driving force that oversees and guides you rather than the Archangelic collective. As I mentioned earlier on, there’s indication that you’ve been initiated into all of the fires, the esoteric fires of the rays and this could only have taken place at the hands of the Masters in previous incarnations.

 You have been their chela, their disciple many times before and that continues to this very day. It is the Ascended Masters that you need to reach out to and connect with looking for guidance, looking for teaching, looking for direction and protection and patronage. Although, undoubtedly, there will be one Ascended Master who will be your sponsor, you have a connection to all of them and need to have a working knowledge of who they are and the powers that they hold and represent.


The Saturn glyph talks about challenges from past lives and how to overcome them. Here we have the alchemical symbol for salt. Salt was a powerful catalyst in the alchemical process, the traditional chemical process. It was aligned and connected to the God Mercury or Hermes and the symbol the Caduseus. There are two indications, then, here. Your karmic challenges are preventing you from moving forward and becoming the person that you need to be and are meant to be in this lifetime now. These karmic challenges and obstacles are wounds, samskara’s that need to be healed rather than true karma that needs to be harmonized. They are memories and traumas of death and persecution.

It is then, to the healing deities that you need to turn to, Mercury-Hermes, himself or Hilarion in the Ascended Master collective. The way to connect to the Ascended Masters for you is through ritual and ceremony, through prayer and invocation. Hilarion is the Patron of Healers and he was the High Priest of the Topaz Temple, of the Temple of Peace, in Atlantis and therefore works with frequency and vibration, color, sound, shape, form, and crystals, of course.

 You need to look through the chakras in order to find the place in which the samskara’s are hiding. They are held within the memory of the chakras and through the emanation of the chakras, the subtle bodies affecting your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual nature. If you can identify which chakras hold the samskara, then you can direct there by choosing the appropriate vibrational frequency and remedy for it. Once this is done, you will find that you are catalyzed, that you shift forwards at lightning speed. This will have an extraordinarily powerful effect upon your spiritual process.


 The Moon glyph talks about your psychical and spiritual potentials. Here we have an alchemical symbol which represents the Adept. The Adept is a level of alchemical attainment. There is the Adept-the Initiate, the Adept-the Magus, and the Ipsissimus. The Adept is the doer, the practitioner. It doesn’t mean that they are necessarily any less qualified or knowledgeable than the other higher levels, but that their application of the knowledge is practical rather than theoretical or instructional. Your psychical abilities then are practical.

 You have a good degree of psychical sensitivity which can be employed through methods such as psychometry, you have clairvoyant ability, intuitive psychical sensitivity, clairsentience – the ability to know. Your abilities then, need to be developed in a practical manner, not in a surrealist fashion, not through meditation only but through practice. The more you practice, the sharper your psychical abilities will become. You need to practice reading for people. You need to practice tuning in to places, to people, to locations, to moments in time. You need to look for practical, psychical guidance and intuition.


We are going to have a look at the elemental balance within your chart. We are going to start with Earth and the physical body. Here we have the glyph Saturn. Saturn is connected to the alchemical metal lead and it is the first alchemical ray. It talks about the primary process of purification where the alchemical substance, the prima materia, is pulled apart in order to go through its initial cleansing phase.

It’s a difficult phase and can be painful. It suggests that at this moment in time, your physical body is going through a cleansing, a purge, a clearing. If you aid it, it will be easier, more graceful, more fluid. If you work on eating clean foods, if you do some fasting work, if you work on cleansing the physical body externally with lavender, rock salt, Himalayan bath salts, if you work at purifying the internal system by eating those foods that will help to purge and clear toxins from the body.

If you don’t the physical body will still go through this cleansing but it will just be more difficult for you and a little bit more painful so it would make more sense to try and ease the process by doing all that you can do to stimulate this transformation. At the moment, you may have periods where your body literally feels leaden and you can change that by embracing this opportunity for clearing.


The air element talks about communication, the throat centre, the mental body. We have a symbol which is sometimes referred to as the philosopher’s stone and sometimes, the Hermetic Seal of Light. It represents one of the final stages of alchemy. It is a stage in which the philosopher’s stone has been created and as a result of that, now has the ability to create copies of itself - to multiply. Here in the mental level, this then talks about the passing on of your wisdom, the sharing of your spiritual understanding and truth, the multiplying of your Light. 

It is very important at this moment in time that you realize that the knowledge that you have, that you have received, that you have earned, that you have worked to develop, now needs to be passed on in a form to others that they might benefit from the journey that you have made.

There’s a challenge here, an initiation, if you will. When we reach this point, there is often a part of us that does not want to let go of knowledge, we’ve earned it, its ours, it is our power and there is a fear that if we give it away, we will become powerless, we will give away our power to others and as such, we would no longer hold that power but it is not true, partly because the knowledge that we hold is for us. Other people will take that knowledge and interpret it in regards to their journey and their experience will be very different to our own.

We will still be empowered, no less so because we’ve shared the journey that we’ve made but also when we share something, when we pass it on, it returns to us threefold. So we become more powerful as a result of the sharing, as the result of the distribution of that knowledge and Light. This is a fundamental universal principle and it is really, really important. 

The catalytic energy that I talked about can be simplified by the Hermetic Seal. When you are shining your Light, if you visualize this symbol at your throat centre, whether you are speaking or simply radiating your glow, it will help to focus and contain the energy and it will help you to pull it forwards, the Light of your soul through the containing vessels and vehicles of your body and spirit.


The fire element represents your spirit and your passion and here we have the symbol for Mercury. Mercury or Hermes was a very powerful presence within the alchemical procedure, sometimes aligned with Thoth, the God of the Moon, and known as Hermes Trismegistus. He is the Divine guiding principle of the alchemical process, the God form of alchemy. At the fire point which represents the spirit, which represents the driving force of alchemy, it’s a powerful presence to have, although it might suggest a connection to Hermes Trismegistus which needs to be explored, possibly a little later on.
And then we have the water element which deals with emotion and here we have the glyph of the Moon. The Moon is D shaped – waxing – your intuitive energies are on the rise, they are growing and increasing. Gabriel is the Archangel of the Moon. Your intuitive and psychical abilities are, as many peoples are, linked to your emotional energy. As a result of this, you will find that your emotional states will significantly affect your psychical sensitivity and you will need to find which emotional states trigger what type of psychical sensitivity inside you.

 There is some cleansing work that needs to be done as we know and this is not only it would seem on the physical level but also on the emotional level as well. Vibrational remedies such as flower essences and to a certain degree, gem elixirs are very good at effecting the emotional body and helping us to clear it out of residual negative energies.

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