ANGEL AMETHYST

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 I, Angel Amethyst, am asking you to send your love and Light to the beautiful sea creatures that swim in your Earth’s oceans. These beautiful creatures are taking the toll for the changes that are occurring in the transformation of the Earth and all of humanity, and we ask you now, to take a few moments each day and direct your love and gratitude to these beloved creatures; the whales and the dolphins and all the creatures of the sea, for they are the ones who have been taking the brunt of the changes, send them your love and ask that they be protected and we will endeavor to give these beautiful beings protection in the days ahead.

There will continue to be many Earth changes taking place. Be prepared, Dear Ones, know that this is necessary, that for the most part, great damage and drastic change has been avoided, but it can’t all be avoided, some of the changes have to take place, in order to move and adjust the energies of the Earth for the highest good of all. Know that you, our Earth team are protected. You have been guided to safe areas, you and each of your loved ones, so please do not be concerned, because this concern then takes away from your focus of what is the task at hand.

This is a very crucial time on the Earth for all. Do not cease in your efforts; keep on, beloved Lightworkers; but remember your sisters and brothers of the oceans. Send them the golden pink ray of love and ask for their protection from the legions of Angels, who will then go into action, who will then be assigned to assist the beloved creatures under the ocean and give them this added protection. You must understand, Dear Ones, that Father/Mother God, our Prime Creator, loves each and every one of you, you are all a part of Prime Creator’s very Being and you will begin to understand this at a very deep level as the days continue.

Know that you are blessed beyond measure, that we are so heartened and jubilant by the responses that we have received from our beautiful Children of Light upon the Earth. It is gratifying to us to feel your love and your dedication to the Light. We the Angels, are endeavoring to bring to you a closer knowledge of the beautiful Beings who are inhabiting the higher realms, and those who lived many lifetimes upon the Earth and gained their mastery and moved on into the higher dimensions. They did not move on to other galaxies or other opportunities that were presented to them when they ascended. They chose to stay close to the Earth and be here at this time to assist the Earth,all humanity and all the kingdoms of the Earth to gain their ascension, for they could not find it in their hearts to leave their sisters and brothers to fend for themselves.

 And so, we will continue to bring the Lighted Beings, the Angels, to your attention and introduce them to you so that you are familiar with the great Family of Light that you are working with and that you belong to, for each of you is part of our Family and we love you beyond measure.

With the greatest of blessings,

I am Angel Amethyst

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