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Beloved Ones,

I come to speak to you from the Angelic realms. We from the Angelic realms wish for you to know who we are, what our names are, and how we may be of assistance to you in this time on your Earth.

Know that we long to be of service and we long for you to know us, that we may give you this assistance. We serve Prime Creator and we are all very busy at this time in the Earth’s history. We have all been drafted into the work of restoring the Earth planet to her original Divine blueprint.

We are also available to assist each human upon the Earth plane, but we understand that most of humanity does not know us and they do not know who to call upon. And so this is the reason and the purpose for the messages from the Angelic realm. It is to give you more of an insight and knowledge that you need to become more cognizant of us that we may work together. Many of you come from the Angelic realms as your place of origin.

I, Shantel, am an Angel who serves humanity as a personal guide to many. I come in answer to your calls to me and I give assistance most especially in the areas of giving insight into decisions that have to be made. When called upon, I will overlight your consciousness and endeavor to give you a higher perspective, that you may make a more knowledgeable decision that is heart centered and one that is right for you in all ways.

Do call upon me in this capacity when you have a great decision to be made. I, Shantel, shall come to your immediate assistance. Watch for me, I come as a flash of blue Light. Know that you are immensely loved by the Angelic realms, that we stand ready to assist you, for you are our sisters and brothers. You are our Family.

I AM Shantel, I am waiting to assist you.

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