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Beloved Ones,

I come to speak with you about the energies of love that are permeating your very atmosphere at this time. Breathe in this energy of love into your being each day and as many times as you can remember, during your daily activities. This energy comes to assist you in imbuing your energetic bodies with the highest vibration in the universe…the energy of love.

Love is much more than words can ever express, it is a knowing, a power that encompasses all of the highest attributes of our Creator. This is a knowing that comes to you with increasing intensity, and those of you who are reading this are well aware of this wondrous power. You chose to be here on Earth at this time because of your love and desire to be of service in bringing more of this great energy to manifest upon your world. This you have been doing to great effect.

Love changes everything around it by its softening effect, by opening the centers of truth within each heart. Love encompasses the very foundation of the universe and every thing within it. All that exists is through and because of love. It is more than a feeling, it is a most potent force for transmutation and transformation that there is. Daily connection to the love that you are, establishes a stronger flow of this divine energy within your heart space and this then flows outward to radiate its power to the world around you.

Practice breathing love into your heart and intending that it bless all within your radius as you breathe it out. This helps you to anchor in the Divine Essence that you  are and truly makes a difference in the world around you. This is an important service, not only for yourself, but for all who share this world with you, both seen and unseen.

We, the Angels of Love, come to Earth from the planet Venus. We are here at this time to help increase the vibrational frequency of all upon the planet. We are in attendance with each soul who walks upon the Earth and help to fan this great flame of love within every heart. This is a most wondrous and unprecedented time to be of service, for every little inroad established in this way makes an impact upon the greater whole, aligning humanity into a greater connection with their divine spark of Creator Light.

We see that within each heart, that spark is growing into a greater flame of remembrance of one’s divinity and each soul upon the Earth is aligning with this knowing. Much is at work upon the unseen planes of existence, and as this reconnection occurs, more Light is anchored and ignited upon the Earth.

Your task is to continue to increase this magnificent flame within your heart, allowing your Divine Essence to expand within your being, to begin its manifestation into the physical world. The purity of love and intent will accomplish this manifestation with increasing strength and power. Whatever you focus upon, you become, Dearest Ones, so focus on the love that lives within the divine flame within you and allow it to expand.

The Divine Essence within you IS a presence you can actually feel. You will know this is occurring when you feel this area of your body expanding. You will notice this most often when you are performing affirmations and decrees, for as you consciously align with the higher frequencies, you then allow this manifestation within your self to occur.

We are ever with you, Beloved Ones. Our love for you knows no bounds. We are without conditions, we come only to serve. As more of you connect to your spark of Divinity, know that you are surrounded by the Angels of Love. The key to everything is to forgive and love yourself, for when you can truly love, forgive and appreciate yourself, then all else will follow.

 I AM Kaytan, Angel of Love

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