A Reading for Marlene: Re: Galactic Master, Twin Flame


Marlene, the Scribe

March 8, 2018 – Absent Trance Channeled Reading for Marlene Swetlishoff through Edwin Courtenay from the UK. Thank you, Edwin...you are awesome!

 My first question to Hilarion: Are you also my Galactic Master?

 I am the Master Hilarion, Atlantean Ascended Master and Patron of all Healers and it is in perfect love and perfect trust, in Light and peace eternal, that I come. I come to answer your questions, to bring you guidance on those questions that you have not yet asked and to provide you the love and support of the Divine, an infusion of grace and power that comes from above to aid you on your spiritual journey here on Earth and to aid you in your continued ascension and transformation.

I am your Ascended Master Patron, that much is clear for the time being, at least, but I am not your Galactic Master Patron. This Presence, in time, I will reveal to you but it is not I. My concerns are with you and your continued spiritual progression and development here on Earth. My concerns are with the restoration of your power and your memory and its application on your spiritual path at this moment in time. I am concerned with the nurturing of your healing gift, with the remembrance of your Atlantean memories, in particular and your Lemurian memories too.

 I am concerned with the recovery of your skills in regards to crystals, in regards to the powers of the Universal language. I am concerned with the restoration and recovery of your connection to the consciousness and power of the Earth that you may, in part, as you once did before, tend to its needs again. To this end then, there is some guidance here that I would impart that I have not given before concerning two crystals that may aid you in this journey. The first is a particularly faceted quartz crystal called a Time Slip crystal. Those books written by Katrina Raphaell, “Crystalline Transmission” Volumes 1 and 2, provide details as to how one might recognize a Time Slip crystal though I am sure now that there are other books, too, that might contain this information and also that this information might be found online.

 The Time Slip crystal has the ability to promote past life recall when meditating with it, sleeping with it, or laying it upon the body. If you are seeking to recover past life memories through dreams, then you would need to find a Time Slip crystal which appears on a feminine piece of quartz crystal, a cloudy quartz crystal which is consistent with encouraging restful sleep. Clear quartz will keep you awake as its energy is stimulating and magnified.

As well as this, I would encourage you to procure for yourself a piece of Lemurian Seed crystal, once again a type of quartz crystal which contains upon it encoded information from the ancient period of Lemuria which can be read by certain sensitives; whereas the Time Slip crystal will help to promote or recall past life memories of Atlantis for you, the Lemurian Seed crystal will help to promote memories of your lifetimes in Lemuria. By so doing, it will enable you to connect with the knowledge of these past lives, but also the powers that you wielded within them as well. Although this has always been particularly relevant, it is more relevant than it ever was before. It is more KEY to begin to explore these things again as you will have need of this knowledge and need of these powers very soon.

 Anything else then that you might do that confer the prompt recall of these past life memories might also be beneficial. There are a series of books written by a man called Dr. Samuel Sagan, “The Atlantean Secret” books. They were fictional but based upon his past life memories of Atlantis and others. They are written in such a way that they affect and direct the consciousness of the reader helping to stimulate their own past life memories of this time. I would encourage you to obtain the books and to read them in order. They will be very beneficial.

 As well as this, you might consider reading “The Fall of Atlantis” by Marianne Zimmer Bradley and “The Ancestors of Atlantis” by her also as these books might also help you in recovering your own memories of this period of time. Do not become too disturbed if you discover that your memories differ slightly from the memories of other people. This is commonplace. You must then be prepared to recognize and see your past life memories will be stimulated by the memories of others. You must not accept anything that you encounter that does not resonate with your own natural inclination to remember the Truth but rather, use it as impetus only.

 You ask about your Galactic Master. Of course, it is important to understand that not everybody has such a being, such a creature, but you have wisely intuited that you, yourself, do. Your Galactic Master is none other than Commander Ashtar himself. Ashtar is the Ambassador who exists between humankind and the other members of the Galactic Council, those spiritually advanced extra-terrestrial races who contributed before the beginning in the seeding of humankind’s genetic lineage.


Image of Commander Ashtar (He is a member of my Council of Light along with Lady Ashtar) was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved.

Commander Ashtar was a human being who through a series of successful and sequential past lives experienced contact with various different extra-terrestrial beings, some of who influenced his spiritual progression directly. As a result of this, when Ashtar ascended, he was given the special appointment to being the Emissary and Envoy between the realm of humankind and the realm of our star brothers and sisters, helping humankind find a powerful and positive connection with them, helping them to liberate their own dormant DNA, helping them to reconnect to their star lineage and power.

 Commander Ashtar provides humankind with a safe conduit in which they might connect with extra-terrestrial beings of a positive nature avoiding those who might still mean humankind harm. He teaches humankind how to make healthy connections, how to ensure they do not come into contact with presences or forces that might be contrary to their well-being and continual spiritual growth.

 Use Danburite to connect with him or Nebula Stone and be open to the directions that he might take you in regards to those peoples or races that you might need to journey to, those races that you might need to connect with that are particularly awoken in regards to your own genetic structure at this moment in time. Be open to the books and workshops that he might lead you to, that might further aid you with your progress and development.

This is a time of transformation for you; it is a time of awakening. It is the dawning of a new Light. It is a moment of triumph and victory, of transcendence of the lower self and a greater, deeper and more powerful embracing of the higher self, the soul, an embracing that will lead to a deep and ecstatic enlightenment. Above and beyond all those crystals that I’ve already suggested, I would suggest as a constant companion for you, a crystal that you would do well to wear at all times and also to sleep with – obsidian. It is a form of volcanic glass that can enable smooth and powerful connection with the higher self. It will also protect you from negative energy and also help to ease low level forms of karmic energy that are arising to the surface to be cleared out too.


The above images of Marlene's Galactic Presence Tsu'tama and Higher Self were commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved. 

 As you connect more and more with the power of your soul, (I was told today through someone giving me a Reiki attunement that she is now totally 'seated' and anchored in my physical body) you will see more with the eyes of the universe around you from a vantage point of cosmic consciousness, you will see the bigger plan and recognize the great truth. There will be certain symbols that will reoccur for you as being significant and important and the infinity loop will be one of these, the Lemniscate. It is a powerful symbol for contemplation and for visualization. Imagining it, drawing it, again and again above the head, it balances the energy within the body, within the brain, within the energy system and it will strengthen your connection to your soul.

 It will strengthen your connection between the material world and the spiritual world enabling you to stride both and stand strongly and powerfully in these two realms safe and free from harm. You are moving towards a point where you will see the true nature of the universe before you and the true nature of your part and plan within it.


 The Infinity Loop is the butterfly, the symbol of your rebirth. It represents your ability to become at one with your soul, your ability to trigger your own self transformation to move into a state of true wakefulness to embrace this power and Light.

Image result for your body is away from me but there is a window open from my heart to yours

 You ask about your twin flame experience, revealing his identity to you and the validity of it. It was a true experience and as all soul mate experiences are, it was powerful. But there is something else to learn from this experience too. Soul mate experiences can be incredibly distracting even though they serve a powerful purpose. It is very easy to become obsessed with our soul mates and to become fearful if the situations do not resolve themselves successfully or appealingly. It is true we are meant to meet with our soul mate, work with our soul mate and sometimes, enter into relationships with them but it is not always the case, life has a habit of getting in the way and so, sometimes the situation can be unresolved despite our best efforts.

It is important to remember that there is life beyond the soul mate, that if the experience does not quite go according to plan, there is always more that can be experienced; it is not the be all and end all. I want to confirm to you that your experience was real so that you can have greater trust and faith in your own abilities in the future to trust your intuition and inner knowing but it is also very important that you do not become obsessed with the soul mate situation, that you move beyond it.

 When you connect with your other half - whether the connection was successful in the physical world or not, the experience and interaction and exchange of energy you have drawn from your soul mate is the male power that you need to move forward in your life. You have drawn from them courage, honor, victory and strength. It has strengthened your direction, your ability to follow your path in an honorable and empowered way. It has given you the power of triumph and this is no mean thing. It is to be celebrated.

Up until this point, your energy has always lacked an aspect of the masculine principle which it has now absorbed. This absorption has enabled you to reach a point of completion. Now, it is important to move forward with this power, to cut yourself free from the past, to cleanse yourself of those energies, those people, those places, those situations that dragged you down, that have prevented you from becoming all that you might be. Now it is important to move forward free from obstacles and obstructions and move in a more harmonious way towards the Light and truth of your spiritual potential and growth.

When we find our soul mate, the egoic nature of our personality and consciousness becomes a challenge. We recognize something that we want and we convince our self of the need of it and we become blind to the things that we already possess, to the things that we have managed to extract, the ego wants to have its cake and eat it, it wants perfection when perfection cannot be found. There is great wisdom in knowing when to move on, when to move forwards, when to give up. Life is the ebb and flow of the elements. It is knowing and daring, it is being wilful, it is being silent, it is wondering, it is sacrifice, it is acceptance and resonance. It is the oscillation and the movement between these states of consciousness of being that enables us to find resolution and peace.

 You must now become the spiritual warrior. You are no longer the soldier who takes orders but rather a warrior who makes your own decisions and takes responsibility for them, someone who is disciplined and strong, a master of your thoughts and your emotions and your energies and your body. You must use the courage and the strength that you have absorbed from this interaction, to master yourself, to empower yourself, to no longer fall victim to yourself but rather be strong. Through your strength and connection to your soul, you must sustain yourself by drawing upon its uplifting powers. You must utilize this connection to strengthen your interaction with the natural law of your existence, transforming chaos into order and penetrating the mundane so that every moment becomes transcendent and Light.

All of these things are now possible; embrace them then in the Divine’s name. In conclusion then, the heightened connection that you have and are experiencing between your spirit, the incarnate aspect of your consciousness and your soul, your higher self, is enabling you to receive a download of information that is not only for the present moment but for the future too, the download of information that will be stored within you, that will be stored within the body of your spirit waiting for when the time comes. Within this information are seeds, codes, the power to regenerate the whole when you have need of them…seeds that are storehouses of information for your future life and the future twists and turns for your spiritual path.

 The information that flows down into you now connects you to all who you have been, the lives that you have known, the places that you have lived, the people that you have interacted with, the talents and abilities that were once yours that can be yours again, continuance of life, the extension of your being. As the connection between yourself and your soul increases, it will be used to store not only energy and information that you will have need of, but energy and information that you may have need of for others and other places.

You will become a repository for Light and power so that it can be used as a catalyst to heal and awaken those other people that you will encounter on your journey who are in need of the catalytic force of your Light. This energy, which will often be transmitted quite instinctively by you, brought into manifestation as a result of your need, of others or places that you will visit, occurring without your conscious awareness at first, will bring about a genetic awakenment and an awakenment of consciousness and Light. A powerful catalytic shift of energy and power.

Through your connected nature, you will be enabled to connect others to their own nature too, strengthening their link of who and what they were and are. But in order for this to be mastered, you may need to withdraw for a little while so that this progress can occur, so that this connection can be fully made, strengthened and anchored into and through you. You will need to focus upon meditating, connecting with the soul by using mantras such as the Mani Padme Hum or the Gayatra Mantra, by working on the daily invocation of your merkabah, your Lightbody vehicle, the gestation chamber in which a soul can be fully anchored into the spirit and into the body.

If you are to emerge into the realization of your multi-dimensional nature and truth, then you must be prepared to take the time to embrace the Light fully. If you are to retrieve and restore the memories of your past life self, then you will need to take time to strengthen your connection and to strengthen your faith in yourself, to gestate the self realization and inherit the past gifts of who you once were. During this time, it will be made clear to you what you need to set yourself free from, what you need to cut away from your life, the alliances that you need to make, the connections that will now become apparent to you. As you sit in the presence of your soul, you will experience the full wonder of it and the bathing of this glory may take some time and you may need to give yourself that time to fully adjust to its Light.

Dearest One, Blessed One, go forwards then in this knowledge, know that I am with you, watching over you and guiding you, to aid you as you journey on your way. In love then ever, in peace and truth eternal, go forwards with my blessing and my love.

I AM Hilarion

(Thank you, My Beloved Master and friend Hilarion, my eternal gratitude and love always. To my Twin, may your Spirit be exalted and blessed beyond measure with an abundance of every good thing. Marlene)

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