AZURITE CRYSTAL



 From the ©Marlene Swetlishoff collection.


A deep royal blue stone with some green malachite mix in it. This stone is aligned to the heart, throat and brow chakras and the air and starlight elements. Musical notes F and G.


The Message:


Channelled Image of Azurite Crystal Deva by Janine Keall

We greet and embrace you!  We, the Azurite Crystal consciousness are a wonderful stone to assist in achieving a stronger connection with the Divine. We assist humanity by opening up the heart, throat and brow chakras which facilitates the opening of one’s psychic gifts, especially their intuitive and clairvoyant abilities. This aids in the raising of one’s consciousness to a highly spiritual state and a higher level of cognitive function. We can stimulate an individual’s inner vision to enable them to see through the eyes of their soul and connect into the core of their true Divine Essence. We strengthen one’s perceptive abilities and open their powers of inner seeing and imagination.

We assist the individual in the development of their higher mind functions such as extrasensory perception, clairaudience, clairsentience and telepathy which assists them in their journey within. They learn to see clearly on all levels of Light and this helps them to see that which has been previously hidden. It opens the uncanny ability ‘to know’, without knowing how they know. With this ability they are able to go beyond the normal realm of understanding and utilize the power of inner sight which operates beyond the limitations of one’s physical eyesight.

The individual can grasp the big picture of life and this helps to create a thorough understanding from the many diverse fragments that can be connected together for a greater comprehension of ones true state of being. We help the individual have a clear perception of the inner and the outer aspects of ones self. When one becomes adept in this process, neutrality, objectivity and acceptance become the norm as all sides of an issue are able to be discerned. This brings about the potential for awakening within themselves and trusting in what they can't see. By listening to the ‘still small voice’ within them, it becomes obvious that there is something else beyond their mundane reality, something that is visible and available to their higher sensitivities.

We assist individuals in the self revelation process and this creates the possibility to look at aspects of their inner being that otherwise would be difficult to access. We are a stone that facilitates prophecy, truth, understanding and awareness as we open the brow chakra. In former times we were known as the ‘stone of heaven’. We support individuals to integrate their awakened senses into a balanced equilibrium of wisdom and higher knowledge. When there is a feeling of sensory overload that manifests as migraine headache and pain in the back of the head, we help to bring about a deep inner relaxation and open the way for our stone bearer to experience inner peace.

We can help an individual to release old patterns of perception and outward influences in order for them to develop inner hearing, insight and a true voice of expression. As they access these qualities through their subconscious, they can express these qualities consciously with trust in the nurturing creative energy from the Divine, bringing the possibility for them to see clearly into their innermost depths.

 We bring balance to one's personal motivations, perceptions and expectations in a way that awakens the deep peace and trust that lies within them. We bring a calming, centering, and balancing effect on an individual’s auric field. We are a great tool at times of decision making when one finds themselves at a crossroads in life, not knowing which way to go. We help the bearer of our stone by aligning them with their own truth and soul direction.

We are grateful for your attention to our message and wait with anticipation to be of service!

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama.

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