BABAJI NAGARAJ - MAY 2018

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 Beloved Lightworkers,

I come on the wings of love! You are now seeing the blatant attempts to create division and disharmony amongst the people and from our vantage point, these attempts are not at all succeeding in the way it was intended and are indeed backfiring upon the instigators. Soon all will be quiet once again as humanity continues to absorb the cosmic Light of the Creator that is now inundating the Earth. The great cleansing, purifying and revisiting continues, of all that has already been experienced and which has come forth yet again from deeper layers within to be addressed once and for all.

There is already a great energy of peacefulness settling in upon the planet and all of her inhabitants. There is evidence of this everywhere if one but looks. Brother is helping brother and sisters join hands to create meaningful and positive changes in their communities and their world. The impulse to be of service is being felt within more and more of humanity and more people are discovering that yes, one person CAN make a difference and are taking up the torch by standing in their Light and conviction. By taking their peaceful stand, they open the way for many more to courageously take their stand.

People power is fast becoming the trend across the length and breadth of humanity. It is the Great Awakening that is now beginning to transpire across our beautiful planet, within the minds and hearts of all the inhabitants of the Earth. There is a feeling of joy, anticipation and celebration and it is becoming a feeling of palpable excitement. Issues of duality are beginning to be balanced in all quarters of the populace in every hamlet, town, city and country.

All that needs to be resolved is coming forth and many people of Light are recognizing that there is a greater sense within them of playing a part for the rest of humanity in these issues that come up for resolution and that these are not really issues of their own making. This is indeed so, for many, many of you are taking on the transmutation of the issues of others in order to act as proxies for the clearing of these issues on behalf of all. This is done with higher love in order to facilitate an acceleration of the clearing process of the entire planet and all her inhabitants.

You are asked to continue to stand in your Light and perform your daily disciplines, to ground yourselves into the crystalline core of the Earth and to continue to hold the highest vision of a loving, peaceful reality for all of humanity. Expect nothing less than the highest outcome for the highest good of all. Your work and ours together, continues to gain momentum.

I AM Babaji Nagaraj

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