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Beloved Lightworkers of the World,

I come on the wings of love! Long have you toiled in creating the alchemy of transformation within yourselves and within and upon the Earth. Your current lifetime is but one of these efforts that you have made. The knowledge and remembrance of all of the efforts you have made to bring and anchor the Light is now upon you.

Be prepared for revelations regarding the efforts that you as the Divine Instrument, have made towards the realization and accomplishment of what you are now beginning to see happening in your world. Thousands of people are awakening each day and because of your steadfast efforts previously and currently, they are now enabled to connect with their Divine Self in a faster, more quantum way than ever before.

As you create stability for yourselves, your families, your communities and the world at large, you are serving the great purpose for which you have labored many, many lifetimes. This is the lifetime of completion for you and also the beginning of a new life in a new world that is on the brink of manifesting before you. Do not lose sight of this fact in the coming days. The changes that you have worked for are now ripe for fruition and it requires a steady mind, heart and soul.

As we work in unity, we are being given every opportunity to bring our world into alignment with ascension and transformation. All is now being changed and made new and this process may be uncomfortable for many of you, as the Earth as a whole goes through her birth into graduation from one dimension of consciousness to another. Within each new level there exist other levels and dimensions to discover. You are all on a voyage of discovery and validation of all that you have believed in faith and constancy throughout your many lifetimes.

The voices of the many are now rising up and are demanding changes to begin to take place in all the old, outworn institutions of the old world that is no more. As more and more of humanity realize this fact, many great and sweeping changes will take place. It is all happening at an accelerated level and you, the Earth’s inhabitants, will be hard put to keep up with these changes as they occur.

Remember, that you have already prepared yourselves for these days that are now upon you. Remain steadfast in your faith and resolution and you will be guided in all ways to be in the right place at the right time, doing exactly the right thing. Affirm and decree this each day, establishing your intent to be aligned with your, and everyone’s highest good. Trust with all your heart that you are always supported in your mundane lives upon this planet that you call home.

 You are becoming more in alignment with your Earth Mother and are feeling the changes that she is experiencing. You also hold the power of intent to change whatever you see before you by steadfastly holding to your higher vision of the world you want. When enough of you hold to this vision in a stable manner, all illusions will be swept away and a fresh and wondrous possibility and potential will have taken its place.

 All is as it should be, and on every world within this, your universe, the spectator stands are filled and the excitement is building. The greatest event that has ever been enacted is in its infancy stage now. Stay awake, alert and aware and ride the tides of change with ease, grace and confidence. Stay in the higher frequency of joy and gratitude for being here to experience this process. We are ever with you in love and support in every way!

I AM Babaji Nagaraj

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