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 This crystal is a deeply black quartz crystal that aligns and quickly clears all chakras of the human body but especially resonates with the heart, third eye, and crown chakras and the Earth and air element. Musical notes C, A and B.


The Message:


Channelled image of Black Quartz Deva ©Janine Keall

 We, the Black Quartz crystal consciousness come forward to bring our message to the people of the world. We carry a powerful, high frequency energy and can facilitate the process of cleansing and dissolving of energy blockages in the human auric field to bring balance in all chakras and meridians. When our stone is held or worn, we protect the wearer from energies of the lower astral planes. We also ward off the entry of lower energies into the auric field. We assist the individual to release all the mental and emotional programming they accumulated from their living environment that has kept them from being all that they can be.

By utilizing our positive and powerful energy, we can greatly facilitate the further opening and expansion of one’s access to ancient knowledge and wisdom. We can enhance the lucid dream state and open one’s capacity to receive information and communication from the positive and benevolent spiritual beings who guide the Earth and humanity towards their glorious destiny. We prepare the individual who utilizes our stone for a greater ability to receive, assimilate and integrate very high frequencies. This makes us a very desirable crystal to own during the current and future times.

We enable a person to accept and embrace all aspects of self, including the shadow aspects, without denial or judgement. We assist the individual to access the higher dimensional frequencies that are needed in order to enter stargates or portals to other dimensional realities. We can alter the human DNA in order that interaction with higher dimensions can take place. We help the integration and balancing of the masculine and feminine energies which helps create wholeness and unity in body, mind and spirit. We help each individual ground the higher energies into the Earth reality.

We are a powerful tool to utilize to transform one’s vibration in order to raise their frequency level to the inter-dimensional and etheric realms by assisting the access to these states of consciousness which can bring back lost wisdom and knowledge so that one can regain knowledge of one’s true origin. We bring awareness and understanding in a way that causes an individual to cease all acts that create karmic debt while awakening compassion, tolerance and the acceptance of others in an unconditional manner.

We can be utilized with sincere intent to open and activate the third eye and help to achieve inner stillness of mind during meditation. Our energy allows the free flow of positive energies within the human auric field and within one’s environment. We quickly open and awaken one’s higher chakras bringing a rapid expansion of consciousness in a healthy grounded way. We allow full-spectrum Light to permeate the physical body down to the cellular level assisting the physical body in integrating and using this Light as needed for spiritual growth or repair. We help bring the individual to a higher perspective of insight into life situations that they may be experiencing and help them to remain centered in love and Light while integrating these frequencies and expressing them in their daily lives while maintaining a connection to the higher spiritual awareness available to us.    

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu'tama.

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