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A shiny black stone that aligns to the Earth and base (root) chakras and has a clearing effect on all chakras within the etheric field of humanity. It is aligned with the earth, water and starlight elements and the musical notes C and B.

 The Message:


Black Tourmaline Crystal Deva image by ©Psychic Art by Janine Keall

We, the black tourmaline crystal consciousness greet you! Our stone is very helpful in grounding a person’s energy so that they are balanced and in equilibrium at all times. We offer an individual who works with our stone very powerful protection by clearing negative energy that they might be holding in their auric field. Sometimes this is energy that has accumulated during the entire lifetime and we work on this situation by bringing these energies to the surface so that the individual may become aware and endeavour to clear these from their human operating system.

Through attuning to our stone and energetic influence, we can play an important role in bringing the individual into the action of cleansing and clearing these dense energies from all levels of their being – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When an individual is cleared in all these areas, they are more content and happier because they are able to hold more Light in their auric field. During this process, however, there can be uncomfortable emotions and feelings that come to the surface but this is a temporary effect and as long as one continues to be motivated to be free of these old energies, all will be resolved.

During the era of Atlantis before the end times, our stone was used to cleanse and repel thought and mind projections from others. Our stone composition was utilized in the walls of the Temple of Communication to keep the Temple and its workers free from infiltration and contamination from outside interferences. Due to our electrical properties, we emitted a balanced, clear and protective energy that was healing and harmonious to the Priests and Priestesses who served in the Temple keeping their auric fields and thoughts free to communicate with other areas of the planet.

Our stone can also help to alleviate the effects of stress and anxiety which can sometimes be caused by harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted from television, computer, cell phones, wi-fi and other technological devices in one’s environment. We also assist the wearer of our stone in staying free from absorbing negative or undesirable energies from others. The best and most effective way is to wear a bracelet of our stone on the left wrist as this is the receiving side of the human body system. By placing our stone in that location, an individual will stay clear and protected from any unwanted energies that would otherwise attach to their energy field.

We are a positive force for good in peoples lives and facilitate an excellent effect on ones well being and mental attitude. We help to clear, transmute, transform and alleviate any obsessive thoughts and feelings of stress. Our energy assists the individual to stay connected to the Earth beneath their feet and this is most important during these evolutionary times of accelerated change and spiritual growth. We transmute negative energy into positive energy and offer protection and the ability to purify one’s energy or environment at the same time.

We are grateful to have this opportunity to bring our message to humanity in the hope that we can work together for good in this world!

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