©Marlene Swetlishoff Blue Calcite Crystal collection

 A soothing light to medium blue crystal stone which works with the throat and third eye (brow) chakra and the fire and air elements. Musical notes G and A sharp.

 The Message:


Blue Calcite Crystal Deva image by ©Janine Keall

 We, the blue calcite crystal consciousness step forward with our message to humanity! We are a very soothing and healing stone which can help an individual to become more calm and peaceful if they are feeling anxious or nervous. We promote the feeling of relaxation and facilitate rest as we clear any negative emotions from their auric field. We are a helpful stone to wear or have nearby when recovering from an illness as we increase the flow of positive uplifting energy within and around the physical body.

We also are a very useful stone to an individual who wants to communicate with their guardian angel or the angelic realms and spiritual guides and to translate their messages into the spoken or written word. We facilitate the opening of a clear communication connection between the human and spiritual realms and between an individual and others with whom they communicate. We also can help the individual develop telepathy and the decoding of unspoken psychic communication and information.

We assist in opening up one’s creative potential by stimulating inspirational thoughts and ideas and helping them to express their creativity and increase their intuition and awareness. This brings them stability, an enhanced memory and an innate trust in their personal spiritual (psychic) abilities. We encourage the use of discernment, clarity of mind, higher learning and mental growth. We help move an individual past habitual mental and emotional patterns that inhibit their forward progress by clearing these hindrances from their human operating system.

 We bring hope by helping the individual to let go of the past and start fresh in a motivated and inspired way and this will accelerate their spiritual understanding, development and growth. We clear the throat chakra which allows one to confidently express their truths and this encourages positive and clear communication. This stimulates trust in one’s ability to ascertain the truth of things and situations quickly and easily. Our soft and medium blue energy assists in alleviating the impact made by other people’s thoughts, emotions and negative energies.

By wearing or working with our stone, we help the individual stay calm, relaxed and motivated to do their daily work and stay very balanced in their life. They embody, value and appreciate the qualities of honesty and truthfulness as they traverse their spiritual path. Our influence helps the individual work in an orderly manner to accomplish their personal goals.

Our influence inspires them to come from a heart centered and intuitive perspective rather than relying on intellect alone. They recognize their own inner voice and guidance and just ‘know’ the right thing to do in most situations. They are inspired to honour their own innate knowledge and wisdom and therefore, they express the qualities of love, acceptance and tolerance for others to a high capacity of understanding.

 In gratitude for this opportunity, we now leave!

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama.

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