“Without the Hilarion connection, I would have had a much harder time trusting the beauty in this world. Much gratitude to you.”  A.M., CA.,USA
 "I agree with everything that was said by others who have read this book and gave it 5 stars. If we all continue with our light working efforts and do as Ascended Master Hilarion indicates in his messages, we can change this world!" ~ Sadora
"A beautiful book, filled with really good encouragement and advice on moving forward, and staying in a state of Love toward others. This book will be so helpful to those wishing to know more about how we, as humans, can make our lives so much easier and filled with Joy. The message comes through very clear, and is very well written by Ms. Swetlishoff. Enjoy !!" ~ Celinda Travelstead
 "This is the second fabulous book of the Hilarion Connection! The writings in it are always so in synchronicity with my life. I do usually follow channelers but this one seems always SO spot on! What a big favor to all of us who follow this! Thank you!" ~ Vendala
" I can't seem to keep this book on my shelf! I have read it myself several times and I've loaned it out several times. The guidance offered within this book was in perfect timing for me as I moved into a several month period of quiet retreat focused on self-examination & contemplation following a major path redirection. During moments of self-doubt or just weariness, the gentle, loving words of Master Hilarion brought me back to my Divine nature time and time again. I am grateful to the legions of guides, teachers and angels that walk with me always... And I am grateful for the precious gifts that Marlene offers to me and to any one walking a spiritual path... Blessings and gratitude to you, Marlene!"

I am a fellow light worker and have recently purchased your Hilarion Connection book 3.  Master Hilarion has been my guide and teacher for many many years in healing and my spiritual development.  I wanted to write to you as I thought your book was absolutely beautiful, inspiring and uplifting.  His love and teaching shines so brightly from the pages.  He has always throughout my life steadied my steps on my light path and helped me find the answers needed to deal with any challenges this life throws and the turbulent cleansing of past lives.  I was guided to your website and have really loved and enjoyed not only Hilarion’s messages but all the other monthly messages. 

I am so deeply grateful for this book and your wonderful service work, for without you none of this would have been possible. I hope you really know that?

I also have a website that is a place of upliftment but it is through art that my light work shines, have a look, you may enjoy my work.

Thank you again Marlene, what an earth angel you are.

Bright blessings and love,

Karen Huntington www.karenhuntington.co.uk

* ~ * ~ * ~ *
                            "This is an inspirational and beautiful book. I love that I can pick it up and open to any page to find encouraging information and wisdom. This third in the series brings the reader full circle. We are reminded of our importance, of our unity, and of our connection to all that is. Thank you, once again, Marlene Swetlishoff!!"   ~ Celinda Travelstead 
    What a profound gift!
"Once again Ms. Swetlishoff has offered to everyone on a spiritual path a most profound tool --- an amazing book filled with Divine guidance. As I read each page, I found myself smiling with recognition of our Oneness, yet still asking: How do "They" know that I needed, even yearned, to hear these words again? To be reminded that even in my darkest times, I am not now nor have I ever been alone. That aloneness is a distorted, self-imposed separation from Source and the legions of angels, teachers and guides that walk with me throughout all... To accept their guidance, assistance and presence, I need only to look up from my isolation and accept my Divine nature. As I walk this human experience, sometimes I get caught and forget that I am a Child of the Light. Always and forever. And in my time of need, Master Hilarion reminds me once again of my Divine nature..." ~ Denali Morgan, AK
A recent review for The Hilarion Connection©, Book One....

It would be difficult to describe the gratitude I have for the love and understanding of the spiritual life that THE HILARION CONNECTION has given to me from reading and meditating upon the messages.   My Light Brother, Hilarion, is at my side as I walk through life each day.  His words of direction come into my consciousness as I dust, peel the potatoes, drive to work or entertain.  He uses everything to show me the loving Presence in all situations and human dilemmas.  My personal experience is that when he finds a soul teachable, there is no end to what he will do for it.  He will help you design a spiritual plan for your life that cannot fail because what he creates with you will inevitably succeed.

If you are looking for a means to walk the way of love, THE HILARION CONNECTION BOOK ONE will show you a road that leads straight to the Heart of the Christ.  He is a capable, wise and experienced spiritual director.  When you have finished Book One, you will be ready and eager to proceed to Books Two and Three.

My deep appreciation to the scribe, who gave unending hours to receiving these messages and to preparing each one for book form.  Thank you, also, dear scribe, for being willing to take the time to attend to the minutia required for publishing any print work."

Marilyn Sieg Orlando, FL

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 "I just love this book. Already read it four times and plan on reading it many more times. Hilarion, the Ascended Master, has a unique way of awakening the reader. Each time I re-read the book my level of understanding went deeper and deeper and it felt as if I was reading the book for the first time. His teachings provide insight on our ascension process and explain what we need to do to help Mother Earth ascend so that we and all other inhabitants of earth can ascend with her. I felt like a sponge soaking up this new knowledge. Once one understands what is going on, one gains in personal strength, conviction and courage. Fear dissipates. And anticipation of what is ahead turns into joy. Now, I cannot wait to read Book Two. Thank you Marlene for publishing these teachings."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 "Beautiful energy and writing. A gift of healing in print."