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 Over the years, I have been hearing a whistle in the middle of the night and this was a big puzzle to me...who or what was whistling at me? Problem solved...it was Desonian, my Galactic Master...he employs whistling in various ways in his communications...what a delight he is to work with! Full of Light and humor, too!

“Good things come to those who take the leap into the unknown!” ~ Desonian

 I greet you! It is in this moment in time that the world that you are familiar with is in the process of transformation. With it, all the former rules of engagement of current society’s norms are also falling by the wayside. It is now the time of reuniting with all aspects of self, both of the Earth and of other star systems. You are in the beginning stages of the realization that you, as soul, are very much greater than you previously thought. It is a new and unfamiliar concept and therefore, it is understandable that one would question whether in fact what is perceived as truth, is in actuality the truth, the truth that will set you as Eternal Soul, free.

 This is where the surrender to the knowledge and the wisdom that lies within you must occur. If one simply surrenders to the forces that are at work in one’s life in the moment, then the way is opened for the next step and more understanding to come through to you. This is very much the time to follow the promptings and the dictates of one’s heart and to allow for the possibility that your heart knows the direction that you must go. Trust that the Divine has the intent of only the highest good for your further growth and progression and that you are on track with it all.

From my perspective as your Galactic guide and Master, I see the whole picture and what I see is a glorious life filled with great love, joy, and fulfillment in every aspect of your being and it all came into manifestation by your humble surrender to your greater destiny. We work with our students through the current expression of their life path and will accommodate circumstances to occur in a way that brings the greatest good, peace and harmony to them. Never are you required to give up anything that carries meaning to you!

It is now the time of joyous alignments and we wish for you to bear this in mind. Look upon the current happenings as a joyous development on your personal path to be in greater service to the Divine. Focus on that feeling and allow your highest and greatest good to unfold. There is nothing to fear or worry about, it is all good! Honoring self and heeding your inner promptings will take you to that highest good in an accelerated and Divinely timed manner.

We say to you, when your higher destiny calls you, it is time for you to call back! Cast aside purely human concerns and take the leap into unknown territory and explore the potential and possibilities that lie like precious treasure waiting to be discovered and put to use!

 I AM Desonian

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