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As spoken of before, my species had abilities that proved very useful, not only to assist with survival on our planet, which, as I have indicated, was extremely harsh but which also proved to be invaluable on our sojourns throughout the cosmos. We have shapeshifting abilities which help us to explore new planets and frontiers without endangering ourselves or others. This shapeshifting ability helps us to take the form which surrounds us as we explore new worlds and allows us to observe the inhabitants without alerting their sense of danger while we do it.

Another of our abilities is to use our ‘farsight’ in order to see situations from a higher perspective. This ability is one that is much valued throughout the entire length and breadth of this universe and other solar systems. The adage that is termed in Earth vernacular “forewarned is forearmed”. This gives the advantage to all species and their planetary systems prior knowledge of any possible problems, difficulties or dangers that would allow them to be prepared in anticipation of all situations that could arise.

The empathetic abilities that our combined human/avian bodily form has as part of our genetic structure, is very advanced and well developed. We have ability to read the auric fields of other beings to find common ground with which to interact with them on a peaceful and harmonious level. All species of sentient beings have many core values that are shared with all other species. When there is understanding between peoples of every species, peace and harmony can prevail and this is most desirable, is it not?

Our ability to teleport our individual forms from one place to another is another helpful skill and talent that is invaluable when we explore new planets in the cosmos. We can avoid being seen as we observe and learn about their inhabitants, eco-systems, natural resources, technology and culture. We seek to learn new ways and methods that we can share with other species that would allow all their inhabitants to grow, prosper and thrive in better and better conditions for the entire civilization.

We also have the ability to perceive and retain the memory and total recall of everything we have learned and encountered as we travel throughout the cosmos. This means our species is known as “living libraries” of invaluable information and experience that can be accessed by others. Humans on Earth have this ability also but most of Earth’s inhabitants are not cognizant of this aspect of their species. This will change in the future as transformation takes place within the human bio-field.

In fact, humanity on Earth holds great potential for great evolutionary strides to be made by the 12 races that cohabitate on the Earth planetary system which include the human kingdom, the elemental kingdom, the animal, bird and insect kingdoms, the plant kingdom, the mineral kingdom and subatomic life kingdom which are aligned to function according to Divine law.

To be continued….

I AM Desonian, Galactic Master


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