The Divine Cause is Love

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Beloved Father/Mother God, we ask that you now expand 
the flame of transfiguring divine love that is pulsating within 
every person’s heart.

Create from this sacred fire a tremendous heart of pure 
divine love that expands and expands until it envelops the 
entire planet earth. This resplendent heart of pure, divine love 
is now magnetizing the love of God from every extended level 
of being in the universe into the physical plane of earth. This 
unfathomable influx of love is flooding the earth and bathing
every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of precious 
life energy, and it’s healing light.

This activity of light is creating the archetype that will form the 
pattern of perfection for our planetary cause of divine love that 
is now manifesting through our hearts and minds. Our Father/
Mother God and the entire company of heaven, the I Am 
presence of every person and all life throughout creation are 
joining with us now as one unified force field of divine love, as
one breath, one heartbeat, one voice, one consciousness of 
love. We breathe previously unknown frequencies of the love 
of God from the very core of creation now into the heart of
every person belonging to or serving the earth at this time, 
whether they are in or out of embodiment.

This unprecedented influx of divine love is now flowing through 
every heart flame, creating a symphony of love that is unfolding 
and inner-penetrating our beloved Mother Earth and all life
evolving upon her. This influx of divine love is now penetrating 
into the fifth-dimensional heart chakra of every person on the 
planet, and the I Am presence of every man, woman and
child is becoming a power point of light, unified in consciousness 
with the I Am presence of every other person on earth. The I Am 
presence within every person is now the open door for this 
resplendent light, and at inner levels, every person on the planet 
is experiencing this forcefield of unconditional, divine love in new 
and profound ways.

Through the I Am presence, every person is seeing the 
assimilating colors of love, smelling the fragrance of love and 
hearing the cosmic tones and moving melodies of love. Through 
this activity of light, we are all truly love in action. We are 
collectively changing the core vibration of the primal light 
substance, which has gone into creating the present negative
conditions that are manifesting on earth. Through the love of our 
Father/Mother God and the entire company of heaven, we are 
the cause of this force field of divine love now being permanently
 established on earth. Together we have this cosmic 
moment set in place, the basic spiritual forces of divine love, 
over which humanity will now ascend out of our long exile in
darkness into the fifth-dimensional realms of light. This is what 
our cause of divine love is attracting to each of us personally and 
to all of us collectively. We are beings of love accepting 
responsibility for loving this sweet earth and all her life free. We 
are one with this blessed planet, and the planet is one with us. 
Now our Father/Mother of God and the company of heaven are 
intensifying this light through every heart flame. 

This activity is lifting humanity into a higher octave of divine service, and through the I Am presence, every person on earth is now being permanently invested with the cosmic force field of divine love. This force field is initiating each of us in to a higher order of service to humanity and the light, which will greatly enhance our ability to now co-create the patterns of perfection for the new earth in the physical world of form. We accept that this activity of pure divine love is being God victoriously established on earth, right here and right now, even as we call, and so it is.

Beloved I Am. Beloved I Am. Beloved I Am.