LOH - GALACTIC TEAM OVERSEER


The above image of LOH was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved. 


Janine Keall says: “Hi Marlene I present Loh. What lovely energies he has! I felt he was a tall being, but could be wrong. Would be interesting to find out. So much compassion too!

 Message from LOH below:

“I am Loh.”

Me: “Lo?”

Loh: “L-o-h...with a soft emphasis on the 'h' at the end.”

“Yes. I am the representative today of the group of twelve.”

 Me: “Right now?” (I had just laid my head on my pillow for a nap!…)

Loh: “Yes!” (Laughing) We know you just lay down but that is when we can capture your attention.

 Me: “Greetings, Loh!”

Loh: “I am Overseer of our Galactic Team. As such, I relay your requests and needs to the others.”

 Me: “So when I call for assistance, it is you I address?”

Loh: “Yes.”

 Me: “Are you humanoid?”

Loh: “Yes, fully so - of the human species. We just wanted to touch base with you with this information and will leave you now to rest.”

~ . ~ . ~


“You, the Scribe, are going through a deep transformation at this time. There is much that is being changed within your human operating system and so there is a process of feeling higher dimensional at one moment and down in the depths the next moment. The high of the higher dimensions uplifts and inspires you to feel as though you can accomplish many miracles and this fills you with joy and hope. Then you unavoidably connect to the reality of your physical environment once again and uncertainty in what you have perceived and received fills your being. We are here to help you with this, you are not alone; and this is what the collective consciousness of humanity will soon be experiencing as well. You have chosen to be at the forefront of this process so that you might assist others as this comes upon their personal realm of experience in the future.

 Just allow yourself the luxury of relaxation…connect to the deep feeling of well-being that arises from within you and connect also to the deep joy of the exalted inner realizations that you have experienced. These are valid and will continue to increase in intensity as you rise to meet your greater destiny. The ripples that have been created cannot be stopped. This shift you are currently experiencing has come about quite unexpectedly with no time to pause for contemplation or making any decisions. It is happening in an accelerated manner so that you feel unprepared for the dramatic changes in your life. Know that these sudden, dramatic and unexpected changes are occurring in ways that you have no control over. Moving forward without resistance is what is called for at this time. Allow, breathe, and trust that this phase is for your, and others, greatest good.

Know that the Divine is the guiding force behind them and make adjustments quickly when necessary. Trust that all is well and as it should be.

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama.

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