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Another reading from three years ago...I was told by someone during a reading that when I remembered a lifetime in Greece, I would be activated into remembrance of who I really am which would instantly activate others, but alas, has not happened ��

I am the Angel Carradine, known to some as the Frost Angel, the Angel of Ice and Light. I come to you that I might answer your questions, that I might bring you guidance, that I might show you truth. I realize that you might think it strange that guidance might come from an Angel whose task seems to be so ordinary, so mundane and yet there is purpose and reason for my presence here. Mine is the power of beautification but it is also the power of the freezing of water. Water on the spiritual level is representative of emotion and so in part, my power is not only about winter, frost and beauty, but it is also about the binding and suspension of emotion, the transformation of it, turning it into something beautiful, turning it into something different, enabling us to step back from it and see it in a way that we cannot when we are journeying through it, enabling us to find the beauty in the moment, however challenging the moment might be.

 I come then, that I might provide you with this wisdom because it is wisdom which you need and I ask you to hold it in relation to yourself, to contemplate it that you might see the validity of it for yourself and for those others that surround you now, that you might be able to use it to help them and to help yourself. I also ask at this moment in time that you pause to focus on the beauty that surrounds you, to recognize the wonder of your world, to see in the details of the frost, the presence of God, to allow your eyes and your heart to be opened to this presence and this power, to allow yourself to be transformed by it.

You ask to be given as many details about your lifetimes in Greece as a Seer and how this relates to your present lifetime now. As an Angel, I am connected to the collective; I am connected to Zadkiel and Azrael, capable of accessing the Akashic Records through them on your behalf and so, let us see what we can see for you:

 You have had more than one lifetime in ancient Greece utilizing your gift as Seer. The first of these that we would speak of concerns an apprenticeship to the God Apollo in his sacred Isle of Delphi. In this lifetime, you were Pythia, an Oracle of the God Apollo utilized to express his voice on Earth and bring forward his guidance and messages. You were taken to Delphi as a young girl from one of the mainland Temples dedicated to this God.

 Your talent for prophecy and mediumship already recognized, already notable. When you came to Delphi, you were trained as all Seers were and put to work on the tripod stools breathing in the noxious fumes that would enable you to enter into deep trance and bring forwards the musings of the God, musings that would be spoken in tongues and interpreted by the Priests of Apollo. Over time, you realized that such an act caused yourself harm, over time you watched your sisters fall as a result of their service to the God and you believed that there must be another way to work safely under the God’s care and so you mastered yourself, developing your own techniques for entering into trance and by so doing moved away from the need of the noxious fumes as well as the need of the Priests to interpret your ramblings bringing forward communication that was clear.

This prolonged your life greatly but angered the Priests of Apollo who felt that what you were doing was sacrilegious in its nature. When it was discovered quite clearly that you could not be controlled, you were removed from Delphi and placed elsewhere in an obscure Temple. However, your service to the God had been recognized by one of Apollo’s Patrons and as such, he sought you out and made you his private Oracle, removing you from the squalid Temple into which you had been placed as punishment and taking you into his own home. There you served him and his family, there you served his career and there you remained until the day that you died, old but honoured and cared for. This then was a challenging life that all in all ultimately, was a positive one.

 The second lifetime that we see in ancient Greece as a Seer was not so positive. You were not born into a caste but rather into a life of privilege. You were a woman of means, you were a woman of standing. You were a woman of repute and power. But you were also a woman who was victim to the visions that you would see. You sought help in controlling and containing these and to a certain degree managed to gain some control, however, your husband, who had lived off your reputation and your wealth and with your assistance manoeuvred himself into a position of power within the Senate and believed that you were too much of a liability, that your prophecies were no longer necessarily in his favour and decided to destroy you. You had too much of a position to be killed but it was easy enough to present you as being mad and so you were placed into a Healing Temple somewhere out of the way, somewhere quiet where no one would find you and there you lived the end of your days.

Ancient Greece was a difficult time for women, even women of power, even women of standing. Their money was never truly their own and their reputations were all and so when your reputation was questioned, there was no opportunity in truth to defend yourself, your side was never particularly acknowledged. It was all too easy to sweep you away under the carpet where no one might find you. In that lifetime your spiritual connection sought to warn you but you did not give it the full attention that you should have and here there is a life lesson that needs to be acknowledged and to adhere to.

In this lifetime you have powerful abilities, abilities that you are yet only beginning to discover, but these abilities will come with their challenges and some of these challenges will be to do with your own ability to believe what you see and feel and know. When guidance comes for others, it will flow easily but when it comes for you, it will be difficult to believe at times, you will find it a struggle, a strain. This is commonplace amongst those who are sensitive. You must then seek to believe in yourself. This is essential, this is important. You must not falter from listening to your heart and following your truth.

The final lifetime in ancient Greece in which you utilized your abilities and powers as a Seer was in service to the great God Pan. Although Pan is more well known for being a God aligned to the powers of nature - he is also a God well-versed in the arts of prophecy. Your apprenticeship to the God Pan came about largely as a result of your connection to the Nymphs of the lakes and forests. You were a worshiper of these, not a Priestess as such, but an attendant and it was here one day that you stumbled upon Pan who was seeking to court the Nymphs. Pan took a shine to you and also recognized within you the gift, the ability and power of prophecy. As such, he sought to court you for his own sibyl and succeeded in seducing you with promise of power and knowledge. But being a Priestess of Pan was not easy.

 Pan is a God of fertility and passion, sensuality and joy and as such, he sought to lie with you many times and if you resisted, his withdrawal could be tense. Also, when his prophecies moved through you, the power was strained and it placed a great weight upon your nervous system. Pan is not a wicked God, but he is who and what he is. You knew of his nature before you entered into his pact but the temptation was too great to hear the warning, however loudly they were spoken. This is the weakness of the ego, and in this lifetime if you are to reclaim your gifts and use them again, you must be careful, you must not push or strain yourself too greatly but rather move with greater caution towards your goals. This is very important.

And so I would say to you in the development of your skills and gifts, be careful, utilize spiritual hygiene wisely, protect yourself, empower and energize yourself appropriately, seek the protection of the higher powers when utilizing your gifts for others, stay grounded and be aware of the fallibility and weakness of the desire in mind. All of these lives have lessons to give, listen to the guidance that I have given concerning them. Utilize this knowledge in awakening this power.

In Love and Truth I leave you with my blessing and take my leave.

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