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This stone is a soothing and beautiful light green shade of emerald that aligns with the heart chakra and the air and fire element. Musical note F.

 The Message:


Green Calcite Deva image by ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved.

We, the green calcite crystal consciousness come forward to bring our message to humanity. We are a helpful stone to use during these times of great change and energy shifts. We bring the ability to the wearer of our stone to release the mental and emotional patterns that no longer serve them and that keep them from moving forward on their evolutionary spiritual journey. We help the individual to accept themselves and to know that they never have to be anything other than what they are already - to embrace all their seeming imperfections and turn them into personal strengths.

We bring grounding and a centering energy that helps an individual feel safe and secure in their environment and within their society so that they view the world from a place of trust and receptivity to all the good that is offered to them. We assist in opening up the heart chakra and this can bring emotional balance and the ability to understand the concepts of divine and unconditional love. We bring more meaning and a renewed sense of purpose to their life and a balance within their body, mind, heart, and spirit. With our presence, every day will be filled with energy, vitality and eager enthusiasm to help them move forward on their soul path with a new and fresh approach to it.

 As the individual is energized by utilizing our stone, they will be filled with the desire to do something and will stay motivated and productive in all their endeavours. We work to increase the positive vibrations that surround them while removing any negative energy that can impede the good energies. This will fill their heart with hope, peace, and serenity and help them to focus on the things and the people that they need in their life. They will have the ability to philosophically see that there is a reason for everything and that even the worst things they or their loved ones experience can turn out to be the best if they look at them from a different perspective.

We can assist an individual to open their psychic abilities and help them to trust themselves and feel more optimistic, confident and wiser about bringing forward the valuable insights that they receive. The use of our stone will help the individual to create a brighter future through communication, mental strength and spiritual balance in all aspects of their lives. Our influence will help them to break free of any comfortable rut they may have been stuck in and bring about a positive transformation.

Through our energetic influence, we can help the individual to draw to them the energy of abundance so that their desired life intentions can blossom into realities. The use of our stone will help the wearer to manifest loving attributes from a spiritual and heart based perspective so that their life is lived in a peaceful, loving, healthy and harmonious existence. The loving energy of our stone will be highly beneficial to the individual who constantly wears or works with it. They will feel they are being guided every step of the way throughout their life.

We are very joyful to make this connection!

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