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  This crystal is a blend of soft green with a distinctive arrow of purple and white fluorite. This crystal is aligned with the heart and crown chakras and the air element. It is enhanced by the musical notes F and B.

The Message:


©Channelled Image of Green Fluorite Deva by Janine Keall

 We, the Green Fluorite Crystal consciousness come to bring our message to humanity in this new millennium. Those who work with us can expect to develop increased intuitive abilities with a strengthened connection to the spiritual realms. We help an individual to ground and harmonise spiritual energy in a stable and protective way. We give the ability to anchor the intuitive insights received from the universe into the physical realm. We increase the individual’s mental abilities and help them to process the information that is received with mental clarity by harmonising their left and right brain function.

We excel in absorbing negative energies from the environment and can shield our wearer from outside influences that may not be for their highest good. We keep an individual’s auric field cleansed at all times. We are a stone that needs cleansing after each use. We can be cleansed by the method of placing our stone in the sunshine for several hours which also recharges our energy. We can then cleanse and renew the individual’s chakras and bring healing where necessary. We can bring them insight into what is holding them back in their spiritual evolution so that they have the clarity to change what needs changing. 

We enhance an individual’s creativity and open their perceptions to new ways of seeing into higher dimensions and bringing these into physical manifestation. Our stone can keep the individual focused without being distracted on the job at hand until it is completed. We uplift and inspire those who work with us with new ideas that are original and unique to their own talents and abilities. We empower the individual who utilizes our stone with the ability to verbalize their feelings and manifest their ideas with confidence and self sufficiency. We insure that their internal communication within self is vibrant and healthy. We are a stone that is very helpful in the new millennium.

 We harmonise the mind with the heart and help each individual make certain that their thoughts, words and actions are aligned with their true soul purpose in a harmonious way. We help to purify the mind and stimulate one’s brow chakra which can bring to the surface their psychic abilities. We are a comfort stone in that we imbue energy in a way that relieves any discomfort, stress or physical blockages that may be impeding ones spiritual progress. We inspire our wearer to keep a strong connection to gain access to their spiritual guides, teachers and the angelic realms.

We assist an individual in their spiritual growth and inspire a renewed commitment to a higher purpose. We help them to have the courage, motivation and focus to explore the inner realms of the self, where all knowledge and wisdom is contained. We enhance the ability to align with the source of one’s being. This enables the individual to be at peace within while still expressing their unique visions and insights. We enhance their ability to communicate it to others through their own individual expression. Those who are attracted to our stone tend to be highly successful in the fields of art, music and drama. 

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