HEALERITE CRYSTAL


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This is a bright lime-green stone that aligns to the solar plexus and heart chakras and the earth, fire and air elements. Musical notes E and F.


The Message:


 Healerite Crystal Deva image by ©Janine Keall

We, the healerite (Noble Serpentine) crystal stone are a recent discovery in the Pacific Northwest and only available through the individual (Noble) who discovered our stone. We are an emerging crystal stone and bring many attributes to the people of Earth. We are a very useful aid in the clearing of blockages in the entire human chakra field. As such, we increase the human operating system’s ability that is involved in revitalizing cellular regeneration of their physical body. Our energy helps to relax and soothe and bring the entire auric field of the wearer of our stone into a higher energetic alignment. This brings benevolent and harmonious effects upon the perfect functioning of their original template of Divine perfection.

We assist the individual to let go of old wounds from the past including those carried into the present life from former lifetimes. We also help them to correct habitual self sabotaging mental and emotional patterns they may be exhibiting. This enables them to move forward on their spiritual path in a balanced, healthy and wholistic way suffusing their body, mind and soul with a sense of profound well being. This brings a sense of connection and love to others around them with an increased feeling of joy, unity and expansiveness.

 Through our vibration when our stone is worn or held near the physical body, we open the wearer up to allow a greater receptivity within them. This opens them to the flow of Divine blessings of love, Light and healing that is now flooding into the Earth’s atmosphere from the higher spiritual realms. This higher energy touches every sentient being upon the planet and creates transformation. Our influence enhances the flow of energy through the entire meridian system and this helps upgrade, rejuvenate and regenerate the human operating system into its higher potential functionality. We can help the individual to live in harmony with the natural environment and to do so with a balanced perspective of life in general. They develop a natural appreciation for the cycles and rhythms of life.

 Our stone has a lively energy and this encourages the wearer to take to the outdoors in order to connect to the forces of nature which ultimately helps them to come back to their mundane reality with a renewed drive and motivation. As we renew and rejuvenate their energy field, it has a strong effect in repairing the strength and integrity of their auric field. This will restore their overall sense of well being. Our influence helps an individual express a friendly outgoing personality. We help to open their heart in greater receptivity to the love and beauty that surrounds them. We also encourage our wearer to manifest their incredibly creative ideas. The effect of our stone upon the human auric field is to greatly increase the pranic or life force energy.

Our stone brings a wonderful sense of anticipation at all the possibilities and opportunities the world offers. We inspire those who work with us to try new things and make changes to their habitual patterns and thinking. The color of our stone is healing on a mental, emotional and physical level. We also assist our wearer to achieve a balance in their everyday life situations. We are a powerful manifestation stone so it is important for those who work with us to keep this in mind. When utilizing our energies, it is important for the user to focus on what they want to manifest in their world and the world that surrounds them.

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