HERKIMER DIAMOND CRYSTAL 


Herkimer Diamond, Marlene Swetlishoff collection

  This bright, transparently clear crystal aligns with the third eye, crown and soul star chakras and the air and starlight elements. Musical notes A and B.


The Message:

 We, the Herkimer Diamond crystal consciousness greet you! We are a crystalline being that embodies the Light of Source in solidified form. We act as a portal to universal life force high frequency energy. We are called by the name of diamond because we sparkle and shine brilliantly like them, however, we enhance and expand energies as a powerful conduit of Light energy rather than absorbing all energies including the negative energy as the diamond substance does. We do not require cleansing as we retain this high frequency Light at all times.

We assist individuals to expand in their mental capacities and help to free their mind to look at greater potentials. As we instantly clear all chakras in the human operating system, we quickly open up the crown chakra to receive wisdom from the universe and this greatly contributes to ones mental expansion in many directions which many people call multi-dimensionality. We enable our keeper to create a reality that is more beneficial to their health and well being - physically, mentally and emotionally.

As our stone keeper learns how to assimilate our powerful positive energy, they are able to connect to the higher planes of existence and to the truth of their being which then creates balance in their human operating system and enables them to understand their place in the universe and helps them to see things clearly as they really are. This then aligns the individual with their soul star chakra in the etheric realms which opens up a soul connection, illumination, wisdom and a oneness with the Source and this imparts a feeling of peace within and that all is right in their world.

As the soul evolves and grows in the understanding of higher spiritual truths, their heart opens and allows their soul’s Light to shine outwardly, radiating this Light to others around them. We assist with opening the mind to inner vision, creativity, imagination and ingenious solutions that can be accessed much more easily than before. We are double terminated crystals which means that we give the ability to both send and receive spiritual energy and the high vibration frequency that we emit purifies an individual’s energy field and connects them with their soul, their lightbody and attunes them with the Divine.

We greatly increase the Light energy in the human body as we remove and clear energy blocks that may have accumulated and this stimulates healing within at all levels, clearing away stress, negative cords and unhealthy attachments as well as electromagnetic pollution. We can stimulate the awakening of the kundalini life force energy which can take an individual to the highest spiritual vibration while still retaining their physical body. We assist with the process known as ascension and are greatly beneficial to all who work with us in this capacity.

 We will attune to the person using our crystalline stone and are able to retain information. This makes it useful for those individuals who wish to program positive energy and use positive affirmations when they work with our stone. A clear, intensely powerful intention can be programmed into our being and we will hold that power each time an individual works with us. We also are useful in increasing the energy attributes of other crystals that may be too small to work with. If used in combination with our stone, it will help to increase and amplify the power within those stones and make them easier to feel and discern. This can bring the individual a highly spiritual experience and open many of their psychic gifts. We are a highly effective boon which aids any individual in their spiritual growth and learning.

 It has been our joyful pleasure to bring you this message. Blessings to all!

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Channelled Image of Herkimer Diamond Deva

by Janine Keall

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