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  Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love and bring to you words of love, healing and wisdom. As most of you have felt in the past month, the energies have been increasing in their intensity and this will continue and will not abate. Many of you are aware that the Schumann Resonance of the planet has increased tremendously and this is a fact. This process is bringing up all that does not resonate with these increased frequencies and so it is a time of great discomfort for many, many members of humanity upon your planet.

Most of you, our Beloved Lightworkers, understand what is occurring and have prepared for this for many years so what you are experiencing are the first symptoms of what is occurring but it is not as intense as it is for others. You are sensitive, it is true, you feel these energies deeply and intensely but you do not have the great suffering that is occurring for those who are not aware and who are not awake. To them it seems as though the world that they have lived on their entire lives is falling apart and this is causing a lot of distress within them.

It is a time to direct love, love and more love to everyone upon the planet for this is the time of transformation. It is as though each person is struggling to climb out of their old skin so that they can be renewed and start over at a higher level in a new skin. This feels intense and is overwhelming for most people. At the same time, there are many energies of duality and polarity that are also in effect in the present time that are creating much confusion, anger and angst within the people of this world.

This is how it is being translated; this is how those who do not understand what is really going on are expressing themselves. It is through stridency, through protest, through making themselves heard, that they are trying to cope with the changes. We say to you that there will eventually be a balancing of these energies, a greater equilibrium and an understanding as more information is revealed to the people who have been in confusion. They will come into greater balance and understanding and this will create more peace and harmony upon your planet.

Each of you throughout the years has been prepared, has been trained for these times. You have all the tools that you need. If any of you find yourselves out of balance and need equilibrium, then we recommend the total energy clearing which is available on the Scribe’s website. I will ask her to insert the link here: http://www.therainbowscribe.com/totalenergyclearing.htm We see many of you are implementing the tools and the disciplines you have learned by taking time out often, by not dwelling on the dualities and the polarities that are presented to you on the news media and with the people around you.

 Everyone is doing the best that they can at this time, know this and be helpful. Know this and be supportive. Empower each other, soothe the intense energies and soothe the energies of Mother Earth, for she is also going through changes that are hidden beneath the surface of her oceans, there is much movement that is taking place and so it behooves everyone to lend their energy in unity to those areas that come to your attention. All it requires is a sending of a healing ray, a color ray that is appropriate. For instance, if you hear of an earthquake, send the sapphire blue ray to the area. If you know of areas in the ocean that are being polluted and poisoned, send the sapphire blue ray of healing, cooling and balancing.

There are now many opportunities to rise to your highest and greatest potential. Many possibilities are opening up for you and you need only be alert and aware so that you notice as these come up for you. As these changes occur in the people around you who have not been as awakened as you, you will see a convergence happening, a place where you can meet on common ground and on common energy which will of course, be the energy and vibration of love.

 There have been many cosmic alignments and events taking place and this will continue throughout this year. Again we say, when it is the most propitious time, prepare yourselves by making sure that you are well hydrated, drink plenty of pure, clean water, move your body parts, to help the energies in your meridians and channels stay clear and move so that the energies of the cosmos and the Earth can move through you unimpeded.

Exercise is very important, it does not have to be strenuous exercise. Going for a walk, doing some knee bends, raising your arms above your head, shaking your arms out, standing up and stamping your feet, jumping up and down for a few moments, this is all very helpful to clear your energy channels and meridians so that there is no blockages. Each of you can do this in whatever way works best for you.

 This is the month of temperature fluctuations, energy movement and changes so it is beneficial to go within to the core of your being so that you are in tune with your Divine Essence and Divine guidance. This is very, very important! This practice is your foundation, your sustenance. For many of you, there has been a sense of disconnect from everything and everyone around you and this Dear Ones, is quite a normal feeling to have during these times, for you have now stepped off the fence, you have entered an unknown space and so there is this feeling of not being in unity with anything around you.

You are the ones who are creating the new and so you are in the forefront. Those who come after you will have the benefit of your experience, of your taking these energies and this new place that you are at and making it feel more comfortable and at home. This is what will be occurring during the month of March and on into this year.

You ARE the pioneers, you ARE the change makers, you ARE the path cutters and this is what you are doing still and will continue to do - and so we say to you – know that you are never alone, we are always and ever with you. You may not see us or feel us, but know in trust, that we are ever with you; that we walk by your side no matter where you go or what you do. We are there to support you, to give you the healing and the encouragement and empowerment that you need when you most need it. We cannot walk your path for you but we can and do support and give encouragement when it is most needed. We send healing and balancing energies to you also. Know this and be at peace.

Until next month…

I AM Hilarion

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