Indigo Gabbro Crystal -Marlene Swetlishoff collection

This is a black stone with flashes of violet, sometimes blue, white and gold within it. It is aligned to all the chakras and opens the energy channels to allow free flow to the higher chakras above the physical body. It is aligned to the air and starlight elements. Musical notes C and B.


The Message:


Channelled image of Indigo Gabbro Deva ©Janine Keall

 We, the Indigo Gabbro crystal consciousness greet you! We are a deeply powerful stone that grounds an individual’s energy stream into the Earth. We are an invaluable stone for those who are here on Earth to anchor the cosmic energies into the crystalline core of the Earth. The downward spiral vortex that we create directly beneath the individual will make them a potent bridge or anchor of high vibratory energies moving through them and into the Earth. We vibrate with the intergalactic stream of energy flowing through the cosmos into the Earth. We have a multi-faceted energy that puts a shield of protection around the individual who wears or carries our stone. This protective shield extends beyond the human auric field.

Our stone aligns an individual with their Pillar of Light and allows them to be in perfect balance and harmony between the spiritual and the physical realms. When the individual allows the downward spiral vortex to take place, this helps them to attune fully to another stone energy. By holding our stone in their ‘grounding hand’ and then the other stone in their ‘receiving hand’, the energy in the other stone will permeate their entire energy field in the vibration of the energies of the other stone. This can be invaluable for energy healing and other applications, for our stone will modulate the energies of another stone in a safe manner with their human body system and they can then apply the energy to another individual.

 Utilizing our potent high energy stones can assist in the creation of energy pillars or vortexes. This is something that requires individuals who work with grids and bridges to experiment and work with to discover how we may be implemented to assist in their work. We can increase the ability of energy healers to channel Reiki and other types of energy healing. We can quickly clear the human auric field and shield their aura and psyche at the same time. Our stone is also used for EMF radiation protection. We transmute all negative energies. We provide the ability to shield oneself from discordant and inharmonious energies. Wearing a pendant with our stone will keep an individual under our constant protection.

Our stone’s high energy can greatly expand consciousness and act as a bridge between the spiritual realms and the Earth realms. We amplify the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience and open up a person’s natural intuitive abilities. We are an empowering stone and can increase a person’s clarity and focus to help them make clear and conscious choices. We help them bring their mind, emotions and spiritual awareness back into alignment quickly and easily. We are also very effective as an aid to tone down daily aggravation as one prepares for sleep and keeping our stone on or near their pillow will ease this for them.

Placing our stone upon the throat chakra releases a gentle flow of energy that travels inward through the throat, then upward to the brain. This energy quickly amplifies and begins to clear and sharpen the mental processes allowing the one who utilizes our stone in this way to make quick and accurate decisions and to speak their truth as needed. We can assist an individual to locate and release any emotional blockages without the need to relive the painful experiences again. We are an extremely useful stone to have in order that humanity quickly moves forward along their chosen spiritual path in the new millennium.

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama.

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