KWAN YIN - MARCH 2018

The above image of Kwan Yin was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved. 

Beloved Ones,

 We come on the wings of love! We of the Ascended realms know that many of you, our Beloved Lightworkers, are in the midst of trying to assimilate the intense cosmic energies that are being directed to the Earth plane at this time. These are energies being directed to the Earth from the Ascended Lady Masters, the powerful Divine Feminine energy. Along with unawakened humanity, you are feeling the intensity of these energies, and we wish for you to know that it is these energies that are creating this feeling of lethargy and also the experience of various pains and tenderness in your spinal column. This too, shall pass, as your human operating system assimilates and integrates these new energies.

We want to let you know that and so I have come to lighten your hearts, to lighten your path, to assure you that what you do each day is increasing the Light upon the Earth, within yourselves, within your family members and within your communities. As you do this each day, your Light radiates further and further out across the Earth. As this activity continues, sooner or later, your Light will join together with others who are doing this work, and that is when, Dear Ones, the implosion of the Light within each man, woman and child upon the Earth will take place, the implosion of their awakening to the memory of their own Christ Self, their own God Essence. They will awaken and remember why they are here and this is the time that great massive awakenings take place. Indeed, it has already begun, Dear Ones. It is now a matter of maintaining the intensity and persistence of your focus.

 Do not despair for your loved ones as they go through the changes within themselves, as they go through the releasing of old patterns and programs, as they experience the cleansing and the purging along with everyone else upon the Earth. Know, Dear Ones, that just by their being in contact with you, even if it is not a daily contact, just by the fact of association as a member of your family, they will be safely brought through the great changes that are occurring at this time. Each of your beloved family members has chosen to come on this great and wonderful adventure into the New Earth reality.

 Know that all of humanity upon the Earth have chosen this, and we have told you this before, so do take heart, stand firmly in your Light. Maintain your faith and belief in your purpose to continue to be the Light Beacons who are changing this world by being the willing transducers to bring the new higher cosmic love energies into the crystalline core of Mother Earth and radiate it across the surface of the planet. As you do this, more wonderful change is taking place. It may not seem wonderful to you in the appearance of current events but truly, from a higher standpoint, it IS a time of incredibly wonderful events. It means that humanity is remembering, it means humanity is awakening; it means ascension for the Earth and all upon the Earth. This is a wondrous occasion! This is not something that will happen immediately in the next week or even in the next month, it will continue on in its process until all who chose to experience the ascension are ready.

The changes we have worked so hard to effect are taking place. Believe in yourselves as we believe in you, in your Light and the radiance that you are, in the goodness and high integrity that each of you are! You love and serve so unconditionally and we from the Family of Light honor the greatness of your Being. Know, as always, that we are with you and you have but to call upon us and we are there.

 I AM Kwan Yin

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama.

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