LEPIDOLITE CRYSTAL


 Lepidolite Crystal ©Denali Morgan collection

Lepidolite is a lithium mica stone and has a soft pink, lilac or lavender color. It is aligned to the heart, higher heart, and the higher chakras. It is aligned to the fire, air and starlight elements. Musical notes F, A and B.

 The Message:


Channelled image of Lepidolite Crystal Deva ©Janine Keall

 Greetings! We are the Lepidolite crystal consciousness coming forward during these tumultuous times to bring our message of hope, peace and goodwill. Our energy is soft and soothing and even those individuals who are not yet sensitive to the energies of crystals will feel the effects of wearing or holding our stone. This makes us particularly helpful for those who suffer from anxiety and tension as we help calm, balance and align  the four bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) so that awareness on how to achieve balance is recognized. We can act as a comfort stone during those times.

 Our stone helps to quickly calm a person down. We help heal breaks in the electrical flow of energy in the human brain, allowing the energy to flow at optimal, ideal levels. We assist the human brain to understand the electrical flows of the new energies that are so prevalent in the atmosphere of the Earth in the current times. We help the individual to release electrical connections to old energy patterns that are not compatible with the new energies. We enhance a balanced alignment with the individual’s dynamic and creative participation in life as it is occurring. We have a positive vibration that stimulates positive coincidental happenings and synchronistic events.

 We have a high resonance that provides a strong connection with the deep innermost part of self known as the Divine child. We carry an energy that supports this access to the joyful, unlimited, child like self. We assist an individual to make a stronger connection with their guides and other benevolent beings of Light in the higher realms. Our stone exudes a highly spiritual energy that helps an individual to feel a spiritual sense of love for self and for others.

 We assist the one who works with us to get to a deeper meditative state more easily. Once that has been achieved, we help them make that higher connection so that the individual may begin to communicate with beings in the higher realms, and connect with the angels. They can begin to communicate with their spiritual guides and this may greatly accelerate their spiritual growth. Our stone encourages independence and protects an individual from all manner of external influences that can impede their progress when it comes to choosing and following their own priorities.

We bring a strong cleansing action to help release negative psychic energy that has become trapped in an individual’s auric field. We create an abundance of joy, peace, serenity and love to flow into one’s being. We impart physical and spiritual influences that everyone can benefit from. We are a stone with angelic overtones, a stone that sends out boundless love to sensitive and vulnerable hearts providing them with peace, calm and a feeling of security.

  We are the stone to use and work with when a person is making changes quickly as we help to ground an individual to be fully in the present and in a state of gratitude. Any transition a person endures requires that they create some kind of shift from one state to another. Many of the changes that come are positive, necessary, and good. We can help those who are experiencing difficulty integrating the higher energies and the inner changes they bring as they increase in intensity. This will help the individuals who work with us be able to change, grow, evolve, expand, and move through the necessary developmental changes with as much ease as possible. 

Our stone can help transform one’s automatic reactions into thoughtful responses that come from a place of calm. This can help generate a feeling of inner stability despite any seeming outer or inner chaos. We help to clear any blockages that impede an individual’s forward progress and take them forward into the future. We help humanity to overcome any kind of emotional or mental dependency and support the release of any addictions. This will help them make the necessary shifts to bring them a greater sense of health and physical, mental and emotional well being.

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama.

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