MALACHITE CRYSTAL


 Malachite crystal © Denali Morgan collection

This stone is a deep rich green and is aligned to the solar plexus and heart chakra and the earth, fire and air element. Musical notes C, E and F.


The Message:


 Channelled image of Malachite Crystal Deva by Janine Keall

We, the Malachite crystal consciousness greet you! We are a very grounding and healing stone. We ground spiritual energies onto the planet and represent the beauty that is seen in nature each day. Through our vibration, we assist humanity to face life in the physical realm with the inner confidence and sense of stability that they can adapt to every experience that comes before them.

We are a balancing stone that attunes and connects the individual to the Earth, helping them to feel in oneness and trust with this natural alignment. We create a protective shield around the wearer of our stone that keeps their auric field clear of negative energies. We guard those who work with us against electromagnetic pollution, radiation, noise pollution and other damaging energies that are not seen but can have a deleterious effect on the human operating system.

We bring happy synchronicities to the individual who works with us and this enables them to be open to change and transformation in every facet of their life. We open the individual to greater intuitive insight and the ability to quickly analyse any situation and then make the best decision to deal with it in the correct manner in order to achieve the highest possible outcome. We can help dissolve perceived limitations that the individual may hold that can prevent them from being all that they can be. We activate a person’s imagination and enhance their creativity.

 We are a very helpful stone during times of great change and transformation and are an ideal stone to work with in the current times that humanity is living in. We enhance and empower our wearer to heal at a very deep level in all aspects of their being. We constantly recreate and renew the cells of the human body so that the wearer benefits in this process of metamorphosis that is occurring on a mass level throughout the planet.

Our stone assists the individual to perceive and easily express life through their heart and therefore they require very little in order to be happy, as their inner happiness and satisfaction with life is easily fulfilled. Our wearer can comprehend that living their life as a human being is the greatest gift that can be given to a soul. They can live and enjoy their life in harmony and balance with nature.

 We carry great power and strength to clear all the chakras and meridians in the body of all negativity that is held, therefore, we must be cleansed of these energies after each use. Setting our stone on a slab or bed of selenite crystal will quickly cleanse and recharge us for further use. All blockages within the chakra and energy system that stand in the way of spiritual growth are able to be discerned and dissolved by the individual.

By working with our stone, the individual can clear any influences of the ego from them in order to align their will with Divine Will. They can learn how to correctly use our influence in situations that affect their life. They can do this more easily in order to create positive and life affirming change that is for their highest and greatest good.

We support and guide the individual to discover their greater purpose in life. We help them to understand their own needs, desires, and ideals with more clarity. As they do this, they begin to manifest a new way of thinking which opens them up to new and previously unexplored avenues and pathways that were not seen before.

We are joyful to bring our message to the world!

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama.

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