DESONIAN - GALACTIC MASTER #2


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"By taking small steps one at a time, eventually the whole picture emerges"  ~ Desonian

I AM Desonian, Galactic Master. My species as stated in a previous message is that of humanoid/avian being. Many eons ago, our people were living in a hostile environment on a planet that was filled with dangers that threatened to wipe them out completely. A plan was devised by the Cosmic Council that involved the merging of two species that were on the planet called Amapor, which is in the constellation of Lyra. This plan involved genetically engineering a new species from two that had the best chance for survival because of the skills they carried in their genetics.

 So in this way was born our species. The engineers took the best of the humanoid species and the best of the avian species that showed remarkable resilience in adaptation to the hostile planetary environment they existed on. Over many generations of trial and error, finally there was a new species, a new form that proved hardy and had the capability to survive the conditions they were faced with on their planet. This proved to be the right combination of genetics that allowed both the humanoid and avian to have the chance to grow and evolve with their planet.

It was a perfect match, for the courage and wisdom of the humanoid species combined with the remarkable psychic abilities inherent in the local avians, who exhibited many gifts such as empathy and an ability to see a bigger picture of their world provided the new species the opportunity to learn, grow and expand their consciousness. They had a unique perspective and an ability to move from place to place through their thought. As you may imagine, this ability to teleport to another location was very handy when confronted with danger or peril of any kind and there was plenty of this type of situation on their planet.

The avians on our planet were seeded by the higher dimensional avians who traveled throughout the universe in those times, as we do now. They had a very keen intelligence, displayed precognitive and visionary abilities which served them well in various ways. They had the ability to uplift their frequency and consciousness to new levels of thinking and this helped to expand the consciousness of all the inhabitants on their planet and eventually beyond. They could also retain and hold the memory of everything that they encountered along their journey.

 When combined with the humanoid form, this created a very expansive, free thinking society that moved quickly into advanced levels of consciousness. With the ability to move beyond the confines of prevailing collective thoughts, they were able to see from different perspectives and quickly synthesize the most efficient way to proceed in their endeavors. They are very industrious and capable and have ability to always uplift the vibrational levels of the people and places that they encounter. Through their amazing observational skills, they are able to distil the essence of a situation quickly and take appropriate action.

We will continue this discourse at another time. It is a pleasure to bring forward more information about our species.

I AM Desonian, Galactic Master

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