MELCHIZEDEK #2 - SEPTEMBER 2017


Beloved Ones,

I wish to discuss the opportunities that now lie before each of you. Know that humanity has set the field, the new template for the Earth that will now begin to blossom forth in many diverse and wondrous ways. Choosing to live each day by embodying more of the Light of your God/Goddess Self will enable you to connect with the Divinity which is your true nature. Leave the opinions and viewpoints that continuously war with each other to set their own fate and blaze a new path, a new trail that will shine as a beacon to others who come after.

This is the time to develop more fully the love of self in all its wondrous aspects, to accept yourselves with all your unique and sometimes, quirky tendencies and to realize and embrace that you are all that and even more! Begin the unique adventure that is now being offered to you, to explore yourselves in great detail, to know your origins, to know the gifts that you bring. This changing and turbulent time is a period of self discovery and also an integration of the sacred geometry that is being downloaded into your human operating system which will further accelerate your growth process.

Life upon your planet is about to take the next step forward in its collective evolution. We ask each of you to hold steady, remain grounded and centered no matter what may come forth and to expect the unexpected, for in this way, you are prepared to act at a moment’s notice. Above all, we remind you that love is the cement that holds all things in the universe together. Love is literally the force, the energy that brings shape to your visions. It is the spark, the passion that flows through your being as you walk upon the Earth engaged in your daily activities. You are creating a better world by your example of being a spiritual being living life upon Earth in a human form.

There will be many new changes in the way people relate to each other and all relationships will take on an element that embodies the joy of love and unity. This is the focus for the coming times – love and unity. Make this your simple mantra as you go about your day, repeating it over and over to reinforce the anchoring of this vision upon and within the Earth.

This simple act alone will bring in solutions to all areas of life on Earth that are in such need of these two qualities of the Divine. What you focus upon is now more easily created and as more people take up this mantra, greater amounts of these qualities will be expressed in all those around you.

You are such radiant, shining Lights upon your planet! You are seen and the angelic realms are available to come to your assistance at a moment’s notice. It will become much easier for you to begin to discern these ones and you will realize that they truly are with you always. Speak to the angels, Beloved Ones, and the angels will answer you in wonderfully synchronistic ways. Let the Light that is shining within your heart radiate outward in ever greater circles to encompass a greater field than before, not only vertically but horizontally too, for your influence goes further than you can conceive with your mortal eyes.

And so we say, take the time to nurture yourselves and give yourselves the space and quiet time to learn the intricacies of other dimensional communications. Venture forth in greater boldness, curiosity and seek answers to the mysteries that surround you. As you reach within to know them, they will bring to you answers to every question you have ever raised to the higher realms. Make it an adventure, in lightness and enJOYment!  We celebrate the new frontiers that are now opening before you.

I AM Melchizedek

 ©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama.

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