MELCHIZEDEK #1 - FEBRUARY 2018


 The above image of Melchizedek has been commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved.

Beloved Lightworkers,

As you move into this month, you will be experiencing many mood swings and ups and downs in your energy flow. This is a time for you to allow the flow of energy to move through you with the least resistance possible, for this allows the good that you have been visioning to start manifesting for you. It is a time for allowing everything to occur without letting your mind get in the way. We realize that this might be hard for many of you to do, as you are used to the incessant voice of your personality self who is continuously reminding you of your ‘shoulds’ and ‘have to’s’.

In order to allow your Divine Self to begin to manifest in you and through you, you must learn the art of allowance. This means that whatever comes forth for you, you allow it and enjoy the moment. Learning to enjoy each moment in your life will take you to your objective faster than remaining rigid in your expectations and old habit patterns. It is time now to learn a new way, the way of the observer, the shaman, the Master. When there is no resistance to the experiences and opportunities that are set before you, you begin to wield your personal power and the great growth and expansion from within takes place in grace, ease and revelation.

We of the Family of Light are working in unison with the Cosmic and Galactic Councils and there is a concerted effort at this time to unify the Lightworkers of the world so that greater works and miracles can be accomplished in a lesser period of time. All of you have been stepping forward and are now completing your previous assignments. You are volunteering for more tasks in order to assist the ascension of the Earth and all of her inhabitants. There is very much work that is being done on the etheric levels as well as on the Earth plane levels. We do work in concert as a team for the highest good of all.

 It is very important to stay grounded each day, for it can be easy to just allow yourself to expand into the higher realms and awareness’s and just cruise through your life without manifesting anything in the world around you. There must be a focus upon your Earthly existence, for this is what you have chosen to do as part of your reason for incarnating at this juncture in the Cosmic events that are taking place. This work can be done wherever you are at the moment and most of it is done on the energetic level. Learning to use your mind to envision a better world for all is the next step and one that will bring in the magical manifestations.

Stay in the state of anticipation, expecting miracles, magic and synchronicities to make their appearance in your daily life. Each day you have the opportunity and choice as to how you will start and spend your entire day and it can be either positive and uplifting or negative and non-productive. Allowing the flow of creativity to flow unimpeded within you will produce some spectacular creations.

Continue to envision your Light Body superimposing your physical body and focus on pulsating your heart chakra each day. We remain always at your side, Beloved Ones, and the work continues.

I AM Melchizedek

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama

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