MOTHER MARY - APRIL 2018


The above image of Mother Mary was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved. 

Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the practice of prayer and invocation each day. This puts the practitioner into a positive frame of thought which in turn serves to maintain the stability of the entire planet. You all know this reinforcement is much needed during these turbulent times of change and transformation that is occurring. It is important for humanity to realize that the natural world around them is part of their spiritual environment which is influenced by maintaining a higher, more lofty and respectful homage to the Divine energy which exists within all things. The sentient being called Earth cares for all the needs of humanity and provides them and the other creatures upon her with plenty to sustain all.

The Earth is home, your only home. Since the onset of the industrial age, humanity has been making unreasonable demands on it, and now the Earth along with its life and ecosystems is struggling to cope. Humanity depends on a healthy Earth in order to survive. The first to suffer are always the poor and most vulnerable. You see this everywhere you look now. Humanity needs to reduce their demands upon their planets resources and live more simply so that their imprint leaves a more positive effect on Earth. The quest to acquire more “things” must be addressed by each individual in order to re-evaluate and make the necessary changes in their daily life to create a healthier world for everyone.

This involves everyone upon the planet to make better choices that are in alignment with higher spiritual values and expectations in order to arrive at a point where this becomes their top priority. There has to be a balance in all things. The use of technology and its effect upon the natural world in which humanity lives needs to be addressed. Does humanity really need to continue to be a constant consumer of ‘things’ in order to live a full and happy life? The awareness level within each individual has to take place that they as consumers need to be looking at their own habits and demands in order to bring about a greater balance in the world upon which they exist.

These and other related awareness’s need to be brought to the surface of  each person’s consciousness so that each individual begins to do their part in a responsible and loving way that is more in keeping with honouring and appreciating the sacredness of the world they live upon. Some careful thought and research on how one can improve the quality and health of the environment in their community can make a world of difference, not only for self but for many generations of humanity far into the future. Each choice that a person in the current time makes in regards to creating a better way does impact the quality of life for everyone in order to sustain and maintain the stability of their only home, their planet Earth.

I AM Mother Mary

 ©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama.

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