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This is a dark green stone dotted with bright green ‘nebula’; it clears and opens all chakra's and is aligned with the earth and starlight elements. Aligned to musical notes C and B which can be combined with other notes as well.


The Message:


Channelled Image of Nebula Stone Deva ©Janine Keall

We, the nebula stone crystal consciousness are here! We were seeded upon your planet many eons ago. Our presence was discovered on your planet during recent times; even so, access to our stone and its influence is limited as we are very rare and difficult to access. We bring to the individuals who wear or work with our stone the connection to the higher dimensions and realms of Light. We open access channels to the cosmos so that higher information is available should they choose to retrieve it.

Each of our stones that people are fortunate enough to obtain is part of a unity consciousness but each individual stone is meant for certain individuals upon the planet. We are meant for those who have acquired the skills, the advancement and the evolvement to reach a certain stage where they can benefit from that which we impart. It is they who are drawn to our stones. We bring an energetic clearing to the individual’s chakra system in the human energy field and open up the higher psychic centers of the individuals who work with us.

We go to work to clear all negativity, all emotional dysfunctions, to help individuals to become healed and whole within their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and astral/etheric bodies. We are the stone for these times. We can assist the bearer of our stone to retrieve past life remembrance and information from previous epochs of time when they were incarnate upon the planet in other lifetimes. We help each individual to connect with the gifts, skills and talents that are stored within their DNA and we help to awaken this knowledge and bring it to the surface.

 It is for this reason that those who acquire our stone are very fortunate indeed. There is a sense of connection to the mysteries of the universe, the wonder and the magic that exists all around them. There is a unified consciousness that lies in the heart of the great galaxy and our keepers are imbued with the understanding that they are an integral part of this unity in this sector of the vast universe. We bring grounding and equilibrium within each person as they work with us. We help them to achieve a higher perspective in all that is taking place within their own lives and the world around them in the events that are occurring.

Through our influence, our keepers develop a more philosophical approach to their lives. They develop the patience, forbearance, endurance, and the understanding that good things take time, that nothing happens instantaneously upon a lower density planet, that it takes time to achieve a higher outcome result. We contain a code, an activation if you will, that opens up greater understanding, that opens up the ability to explore the wonders of our influence and what we can help bring to the keeper during this current time.

We hold powerful and unique energies. We help to remove fear energy from within each person. We help people to let go of old thought patterns, habits and belief systems to make way for the new, a new way of being, a new direction, a new beginning. We help people understand the Divine connection between all that lives, breaths and moves in this universe. We help people to understand that they are the power; within themselves they hold the power to expand and evolve beyond former paradigms of thinking, doing and being.

 We help people to achieve mental clarity and to reflect upon all the blessings and positive happenings in their lives. We help individuals to love themselves, to honor themselves, for this helps them to open up new ideas, new inventions, new discoveries, new roads, new thought processes, new adventures and new beginnings. We are a beneficial stone; we help individuals to flourish and thrive, to regain health and life force energy and thereby heal.

Because of this, we can help in the easing and healing of many conditions which make daily living difficult. We help repair and restore the immune system and restore it back to harmony and cellular optimal efficiency. We can help the people of the Earth be restored for we are a nurturing stone, a stone that facilitates regeneration and renewal on all levels of their being and that includes the physical body. We help to restore balance and bodily health.

 If an individual is open to our influence and works with us, we can bring them profound healing on all levels of their being. Those who desire to work with us in the recalibration of their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and astral/etheric bodies will find us to be a useful tool to bring the clearing that is necessary. This enables each individual to integrate safely and with greater ease, the energies that are infusing the Earth at this time.

We can help to purify the physical body, the emotional body and the mental body and strengthen all these areas in a supportive and graceful way. This brings greater integration to their entire system and this releases an individual from anything that stands in the way of their evolutionary soul growth. As we activate the cells and particles of one’s physical, emotional and mental body, we can facilitate the remembrance in them that their humanness is spirit manifesting in a human body and that all they have to do is reclaim their spiritual power. We guide them to utilize this power in a positive and constructive way in their life.

We help every individual to connect to Divine Creator Source and we help individuals to expand their horizons as they take on and take in, more universal Light as they move forward on their spiritual journey. We are the stone of transformation, therefore, made for these times and so we say to you, come home to us, let us help you to harmonize all aspects of your being, to feel more at home on the Earth, to have more mental clarity and become more able, more physically strong.

We help each individual who works with us to stay attuned to the higher vibrations of consciousness, to the higher vibrations of Divine Creator Source. We help them to stay centered and grounded as the kundalini energy flows through them as they awaken further. We open the heart chakra and greater possibilities to bring healing to all levels of one’s being. As individuals blend with the higher vibrations and Light, they enlighten and enliven all the cells of their being and this activates the higher cells of their consciousness.

We help an individual become at one within self. We invite you to find us, for each one of you reading this is destined to find us. For those of you who are destined to find us, we are here - we are waiting to be of greater service to you. We bless you and thank you for this opportunity to bring to you our truths and so it is!

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama.

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