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Dearest Lightworkers,

The days that are now upon you are the very ones for which you came to the Earth so very long ago. You are the ones who know how to accomplish the Great Work that must be accomplished and whether you know it consciously or not, you are actively participating in this process. Take heart, Beloved Ones, and strive to radiate the Light and the love that you are to all the beautiful beings around you. Please include dear Mother Earth in your daily thoughts and send her Light, for she is experiencing everything that you are experiencing, magnified by the collective consciousness of humanity, and is feeling as uncomfortable during this transformation process as you often do.

Everyone and everything upon this planet is returning to oneness and what that means is that all soul aspects, fragments, and soul extensions, in all timelines and dimensions, are now returning to your field of energy to be re-integrated within it. This can cause some occurrences that make you question your sanity, for some of the actions that you are taking seem so out of character with your former self. This process will continue as you integrate these other aspects of your Divine Essence and allow the unification with them to occur.

When you experience strange and unusual thoughts and feelings, it means that you are expressing a different aspect/fragment or soul extension that needs to resolve that which fragmented them into separation from your Divine Essence in incarnated lifetimes of the past. This is now the time of coming together, of uniting all of these into one cohesive unit of radiance of power and Light, for the process of ascension requires this.

Know that you are doing well, Beloved Ones, and keep on with your efforts. I am very pleased that you are taking the time to send Mother Earth your Light and your love and that you are beginning to work together in greater numbers than before, for this adds greater Light to the entire planet. We encourage you to band together in greater numbers and to work together in your creative visualization to create the new Earthstar that will eventually come forth to bless the entire universe with her radiance and Light.

Time as experienced upon the Earth plane is speeding up and many of you find yourselves lost as to what day or time it is and many times you feel that you are not accomplishing very much at all throughout your day. This experience will continue to occur and what is required is adaptation and acceptance of this phenomenon as the ‘norm’ in your daily existence.

Make each moment an adventure, for truly that is what you are experiencing and what you are doing. The role that you are choosing to play in relation to those around your immediate sphere of influence have been ordained in order to assist and move them into a higher octave of resonance than would happen without such intervention through your service to them. Bless all within your radius and ask each day that you be a blessing to everyone and everything as far as your Light extends.

This great Light that you are is beginning now to extend further and further outwards from your place of residence and it is greatly needed in these changing times. You are the cosmic conduits for these energies and you are being blessed and assisted in your daily lives. Call upon the Ascended Master octave often and have faith in the Divine Plan as it now unfolds. I leave you now with my great love and blessings.

I AM Pallas Athena

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama

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