Pink Mangano Calcite Crystal – Marlene Swetlishoff collection

This is a softly glowing pink, partially translucent and creamy white banded stone that is aligned with the heart, high heart and crown chakras. It is aligned to the water and air elements. Musical notes F & B.

The Message:


 Channelled image of Pink Mangano Calcite Deva ©Janine Keall

 We come to bring our message to humanity and are very thankful we are here! We have a gentle but very powerful energy and the ability to magnify energy properties of other stones to create a powerful flow of energy through the physical body. We have the ability to dissolve any negativity that might be held within the human psyche and the human auric field. We carry a very nurturing energy which will help to heal the body, mind and soul of the individual who wears or works with our stone. We help a person understand the nature of giving and receiving and the higher attributes of love.

We clear negative energy and bring an increase in good vibrations. We are very helpful to assist an individual to cleanse their environment, whether at work or at home. We are a calming stone that eases and heals the heart chakra while we fill the heart with love for self and a universal love for all. We help an individual overcome difficulties and obstacles and help them to have the strength to cope with any emotional pain. We enable the individual to open their heart and trust that they are always safe no matter what is occurring in their life.

We are highly beneficial on the spiritual level as we help stimulate an individual’s spiritual growth and understanding. We can uplift and inspire an individual to continue in their spiritual development and give them the motivation they need to persist in their goals and aspirations. We hold a very feminine, loving and nurturing energy that can transmute and dispel negative energy. We attract feminine guidance to the wearer and help them to balance their masculine and feminine energies within their auric field. We can help the user to attract the angels to them when they intend this to occur.

We help to ground an individual and provide support for their physical, mental and emotional bodies. We bring a supportive energy that fills the individual with well being and the feeling of oneness. They are encouraged to accept all aspects of self and begin to view themselves as beautiful and perfect at all times. We help the release of suppressed emotions, anxiety, grief, stress and tension while helping the individual to see themselves as worthy of all the good that life has to offer them. We help create balance in all aspects of their life and give hope that all is well in their life. We lift burdens from the heart, helping the individual to heal at the deepest level.

We assist the individual to recognize that all that has happened in their life brought value to them by bringing them to the place of growth on their spiritual journey. They see from a higher vantage perspective that everything they have experienced had a purpose in one form or another. This understanding may foster a state of forgiveness of the role others have played in their life. This helps the user of our stone be more empathic towards everyone and everything around them and appreciate it all. We help the wearer of our stone perceive life from their heart space rather than their mind. This expands their conscious awareness of the co-creatorship of life that they are a part of and to know that they are never alone on their spiritual journey through life.

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama.

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