PINOLITE CRYSTAL


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 The (pinolith) pinolite crystal is a rare white, black and grey colored stone. This crystal is aligned with the root, brow and crown chakras and the earth and air elements. Musical notes C and B.

The Message:


 Pinolite Crystal Deva image channelled by ©PsychicArtbyJanine

Greetings! We, the pinolite crystal consciousness come forward to bring a message for humanity. We are a very helpful stone for grounding an individual during times of emotional or mental stress. Our influence is very soothing and calming to the one who wears or holds our stone. This helps the individual to quickly return to balance and equilibrium during any stressful changes that take place in their environment or their personal life. We assist the individual by bringing to the surface any illusions that they may be laboring under so that they can see these clearly and then make the corrections necessary to set them on a more positive path.

 Our energy influence opens the individual to the process of respecting, loving and honoring themselves as well as others in an unconditional way. We help the wearer of our stone to stay in harmony with their own spiritual path and to hear the still, small voice of higher guidance within them. We support the individual to embody and maintain a balanced and grounded perspective between their physical, material life and their spiritual life. We encourage them to honor their inner guidance and follow the promptings of their heart’s truth so that they always remain true to self while keeping their mind open to respect all beliefs, possibilities and experiences. We encourage a person to embrace living their daily life from a place of serenity and peace.

We facilitate a heart/mind connection that allows a strong communication between them, leading the wearer of our stone to always do the right thing at the right time and thereby walk in the path of Divine grace and synchronicity. Wearing our stone dispels negativity, replacing it with a calming, soothing and positive influence. We bring to a person the experience of inner clarity which allows confidence and strength in their own abilities to become a part of their higher attributes. We bring joy and happiness, lifting the spirits and providing a stabilizing energy into the experience of the wearer and this attribute alone is worth the acquirement of our stone!

 Our energetic influence allows the individual to open their root, brow (third eye) and crown chakras which can bring about profound insights, knowledge and wisdom that has been acquired throughout their earthly sojourns into polarity experience. This conscious awareness helps them to put their inner knowledge into practical use in their current daily life. We align the chakra energy system and repair any leakages within one’s auric field. Patience is required in the use of our stone, as we need to attune to an individual’s energy field so that we can make a connection at a deeper level in order to be of greater assistance.

We are a stone of higher vibration and facilitate a deeper expression of one’s inner truths. This aligns the individual’s human will to Divine will so that their daily life contains this higher direction in all their affairs. We also influence the individual to be more aware of looking after and nourishing their physical body when using our stone. This influence can be helpful for those individuals who feel a need to lose weight or establish a new health regimen. Our influence upon the wearer comes in a gentle, supportive and very effective way that is noticeable on all levels of their human physiology - physically, mentally and emotionally.

We are happy to have this opportunity to bring knowledge of our stone to the world!

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