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This is a beautiful purple/lavender stone that is aligned to the heart, the higher heart in the thymus area, and the third eye chakra. It is aligned to the fire and air elements. Musical notes F and A.


The Message:


Channelled image of Purple Fluorite Deva ©Janine Keall 

We, the Purple Fluorite Crystal consciousness are delighted to bring our message to humanity! We, like the Selenite crystal, radiate energy throughout the human light body system. Our energy stimulates the electrical charge of brain cells, encouraging both hemispheres of the brain to work harmoniously together in a balanced way. We assist the individual who works with us in expanding their consciousness to greater mental, psychic and spiritual understanding and awareness. We open up their thinking to life’s unlimited possibilities.

We assist the individual to readily absorb and assimilate new knowledge and information while utilizing their power of discernment. We support understanding of spiritual thought, focus and concentration, and induce balance in all aspects of one’s life. We stimulate the third eye chakra and help the individual to connect to the realms of spirit enabling their capacity to receive knowledge and information and bring it to the Earth realm. We support the development of one’s intuitive and psychic abilities. We assist in the bridging between the physical and spirit worlds and accelerate spiritual awakening at the heart and mind level.

We assist the individual who wears or works with our stone to cleanse their auric field and their overall energy field of all negative energy or attachments. We will re-energize their environment by removing electromagnetic pollution from computers and electronic devices.  We are a great stone to help with organizing, imagining and constructing through intention, getting ideas and finding solutions when trying to decide what needs to be done. When one works with us to focus on achieving a specific goal, we amplify their thoughts towards the manifestation of their achievement. We are especially helpful to the individual when one chapter of their life has completed and a new one is rapidly forming. We enable them to do what they must do at any given moment in their life.

We enhance the mystical states of consciousness, and can assist an individual to experience a spiritual vision and to access cosmic truth. We can also assist the individual to enter into a heightened lucid state of dreaming and this can be very helpful in contacting one’s spiritual guides and guidance. We enhance mental clarity and bring the individual to a wiser, more balanced view of life. Working with our stone brings a higher level of self esteem, self respect and confidence to the user.

Our stone is very helpful for all creative endeavors such as writing, channelling, creating art and studying. By placing our stone on the third eye area, it will enhance communication with ones guides, angels, masters, and teachers in spirit. Working with our purple stone will help the individual move into the new vibratory levels that are available in the Light, especially the violet ray.

Our stone will help them to learn their part in the cosmic plan and help them understand their role as co-creators who have incarnated on the Earth to help the Divine expand its plan for the Earth and its inhabitants. The violet ray and its many hues bring a higher expression of Light energy to the world. Our stone also helps with the cleansing and releasing deep into one’s cells of all that needs to be let go of. We assist the one who utilizes our stone to forgive their mistakes and to start over. We remind them that they have the potential to be perfect in their expression at the physical level and use it to create their own interpretation of perfection. We help them connect with the finest aspects of themselves.

We have greatly enjoyed bringing forth our message!

 ©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama.

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