Marlene Swetlishoff collection (Rhodochrosite & Kunzite pendant)

A beautiful soft pink colored stone that comes in swirls or layers. It aligns with the root, solar plexus and heart chakras and the earth, fire and air element. Musical note C, E and F.


The Message:


Channelled image of Rhodochrosite Deva ©Janine Keall

We, the Rhodochrosite crystal consciousness greet you on waves of love! We are generally known as the stone of love and heart healing. We serve humanity by opening up the heart, enabling emotional healing to take place. As the old pain resolves, dissipates and clears, the individual regains connection with their original self. This is the energetic aspect of each person that maintains balance and alignment with an individual’s physical, mental and emotional bodies to bring unity within. The individual slowly regains their belief in their inner guidance and promptings and they connect to their sense of wonder and magic of life.

This opens them to new ideas, creativity and an inspired way of living. They begin to live their life expressing their uniqueness and individuality. They regain their zest and enthusiasm for learning, growing and other adventures in life. They learn to make time for play and the enjoyment of life, to celebrate all the joy and goodness that life has to offer them. They understand that the spark of the Divine flows through them and manifests into their outer world.

Once an individual recaptures the self confidence and belief in their own abilities as the powerful and unlimited being they truly are, they are more trusting in allowing this aspect of self a prominent place in their life experience. Their daily life is filled with endless wonder and awe. They allow their imagination to soar, to look upon the beauty in their world through the eyes of love, purity and trust.  They feel a passion for life and a child-like curiosity to explore and experience the vast richness and diversity of the world they live on. Their spiritual growth moves forward by leaps and bounds.

As the individual regains the innocence of the Divine child within, they also gain emotional strength and maturity. They are connected within to the wise and loving guidance of their Divine self. As the various personas they have taken on when they were younger in order to cope in the world begin to fall away, the individual finds that they are more present to what they are experiencing in each moment.

The experiences in their life are integrated into the true simplicity that is found when the outer personas of how to be in the world are released and let go in consciousness awareness that what they have gained in return is beyond price. They feel empowered and connected to all life around them. Our stone helps to harmonize the masculine and feminine energies within them.

We help the individual to open up to a capacity to experience a joyful spiritual fulfilment where they realize that the Divine has a vision for their life that is far beyond what they could have imagined or dreamt of for themselves. Their trust in the Divine as their Source of all that is good becomes unshakeable and they daily surrender their will to Divine Will. They move about their daily life in Divinely inspired action. Their potential grows and blossoms into a higher consciousness knowing that they walk their path of Light, love and truth empowered always by the Divine.

We bring a sense of peace and emotional healing to the individual who works with us. By wearing our stone, we enable the individual to allow the surfacing of deeply buried emotions to be expressed and then released. This activity brings empowerment and healing to them. We encourage an individual to express their emotions naturally and freely. This might require an adjustment from those around them to this new side to their persona.

Staying true to self during this releasing phase is important, honoring self is important. As they allow this release to happen, they realize that it is better to express the emotion rather than burying it to simmer within, where these emotions can poison the body because these were not allowed expression outwardly. Once these emotions are out of the body system, this will eventually no longer have an effect.

The resultant outcome is feeling more at peace with oneself and having more clarity about the importance of owning all aspects of one’s self without denial that they exist. This helps them to accept self more fully without hindering them with impossible expectations of imagined perfection that they ‘should’ embody. As they become healed, a greater ability to live in the present moment takes place. They have the capacity to be gentle with self and still own their own strength and power. This is a liberating realization.

We are grateful for the inclusion of our message to the people of the world. We long to be of greater service to them.

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama.

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