TANZANITE CRYSTAL

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 This beautiful blue-violet stone is aligned to the throat, brow and crown chakras and the fire and starlight elements. Musical notes G, A and B.


Tanzanite Crystal Deva image by ©Janine Keall

 The Message:

We, the tanzanite crystal consciousness greet you! We are a stone that is conducive to the development of an individual’s psychic and spiritual abilities and the expansion of them. We assist in the gradual opening of the third eye chakra in a way that protects them from feeling overwhelmed by any visual or psychic visions and impressions they receive. We provide protection when an individual is connected to the higher dimensions and our higher vibration helps to keep the communication channel clear and open.

The more persistently one wears our stone, the greater the transmutation and transformation of the human auric field takes place. This has the positive effect of bringing an individual’s consciousness to a stable and higher state and also helps them to awaken to a greater alignment with the higher aspects of their being. In this way, they communicate the spiritual information they receive with confidence and freedom from worries that what they have received is not of the highest truth.

Our stone is excellent as a tool to attune the heart chakra to the brow or third eye chakra and this creates balance and harmony between heart and mind. This brings a sense of rightness and wholeness to the individual and a sense of peace within. It raises one’s consciousness and opens a connection to the angelic realms, one’s guardian angel and spiritual guides, the ascended master realms and ultimately, to Christ consciousness. It opens the ability for one to consult the akashic records to retrieve information about self and others.

Our stone influences an individual to feel compassion and empathy towards others so that they extend kindness, respect and charity when interacting with others. Our influence will help the individual to reach out and expand their consciousness in order to see the world they live on in a totally new perspective. This can be helpful to them during the current times of change and transformation that is taking place. By wearing and working with our stone, the individual can accelerate their spiritual growth in very meaningful ways.

We open and clear the high heart chakra and the crown chakra which then opens the soul star chakra above the physical body. Once these higher chakras are open, we charge and amplify the energy field and help the individual to stay connected to the higher realms as they go about their daily life. This enables them to express their feelings and thoughts from a heart based perspective. We are a powerful energetic stone and some people may require the use of a grounding stone such as black tourmaline or black obsidian near them as they work with us until they increase their frequency level to the higher dimensional planes of existence.

 We take our leave with gratitude for this opportunity to come forward!

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