WULFENITE CRYSTAL


 Wulfenite Crystal ©Denali Morgan collection


This orange/yellow stone is aligned to the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras and the fire element. Musical notes C, D and E.


The Message

Channelled image of Wulfenite Crystal Deva ©Janine Keall

We, the Wulfenite Crystal consciousness work to stimulate the lower chakras to clear emotional blockages that may be impeding one’s spiritual progress. We help individuals who are attracted to our stone to recognize consciously who they are mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We assist them to live their life on a physical and creative level with power and confidence. We help them find a way to express themselves and channel their strong creative energies into positive projects and activities. We help them apply their fresh ideas into physical manifestation.

We encourage the individual to be good to self while working toward the transmutation of the baser human tendencies into the gold of their Divine self. This activity can bring the individual great pleasure and satisfaction in seeing the outer manifestation of their creative projects. We give the ability to tune into and understand other peoples thinking in order to achieve the success that is desired in any situation. We can help them to stay involved in the active creation of their ideas until it is manifested in physical reality.  We bring about Divine balance within and an easier expression of spirituality without neglecting other aspects of everyday life.

 We help the individual to explore the inner worlds and take the journey into their inner reality in order to explore and expand their consciousness and achieve a balance of body, mind and spirit. We help them to experience life on all levels of their being. When their creative energies flow freely in altruistic expression, they connect to their own inner wisdom and knowledge. This opens them to connect with their own feelings and emotions and express caring and support for humanity in positive and harmonious ways. This will help them to realise that both positive and negative experiences are necessary in order to have balance in their life.

We are a stone of transformation and originality, bringing new ideas and concepts to visual and written arts. We assist an individual to access the past, present and future to aid communication and contacts with the spirit world. This opens a channel to bring and anchor the spiritual vibrations into the Earth. We help with past life healing of relationships and issues so that the individual can recognize soul agreements that have been made with the people in their present life. We give them the ability to release any soul bonds once the lessons have been learned.

We can assist in stimulating the third eye chakra which can activate an individual’s personal power. This frees them of all restrictions and initiates the energy flow through the three lower chakras. This removes blockages from the current lifetime and past lifetimes helping them to connect more easily with their guides and ancestors in order to gain their wisdom. We can attune the individual with the resonance of the Earth’s vibration allowing them to become well grounded. We assist them to accept their physical self and any imperfections whether real or imagined. This will increase their inner strength, helping them to overcome any obstacles by tapping into their higher attributes with determination and perseverance. 

We are honoured to bring through our message for these times.

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu’tama.

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