ZOSER - MAY 2018


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 Beloved Lightworkers,

I come on the wings of love to speak through this very special channel, this Scribe, who has been preparing for many, many lifetimes for her role as Scribe in her present lifetime. She has been a student of the Mysteries for many, many years. She has been tested and tried and found to be true to the Light and has emerged as a high Initiate and Adept. I, Zoser, am one of her Teachers and guides on the inner planes and this is an explanation of our connection.

 I am the one known as King Zoser, who built the Steppe Pyramid, the first pyramid in Eqypt. I was a Teacher of the Mysteries at that time, for in those days the Pharoahs were High Adepts who knew the higher truths that have since been hidden from you in these times in the world. I wish to inform you that this knowledge, this information will start to rise again upon your Earth plane. There will be many schools of learning, there will be many academies of learning that you can pursue and learn again, that which you have forgotten.

For many of you who are reading this message were students of the Mysteries and Initiates in the Mystery Schools. In those days, it was rigorous training. It required each neophyte to leave home at a very early age and enter into the Temple to be taught until they reached the degree of the High Initiate. It was single minded focus upon this learning, upon becoming a Master and those who are reading this message were there in the Temples of Learning at that time.

 You gained your Mastership, your High Initiations, and you it is who shall bring the new, or rather, the hidden knowledge, as the Earth rises higher and higher in frequency levels. There will be this resurgence of this arcane knowledge rising to the surface through many of you. You it is who will bring this knowledge to share with your brothers and sisters upon the Earth plane, to guide them, to help them on their journeys of discovery and remembrance. This is in your Divine Plan, for you also have a Divine Plan that you chose before you entered into this present incarnation.

And so, I, Zoser, have come forward at this time to offer my encouragement and support for you as you go through each day being the Light Bearers that you are. Remember that those from the higher realms are only a breath away, only a thought away and you need only call upon us and we are there in an instant - helping and assisting in any way that you ask. I wish to make my presence known to you as one who is available to assist you. Do call upon me.

I AM Zoser

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