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                       What is Worthiness? - July 2021
Published on July 21, 2021 on www.therainbowscribe.com. All rights reserved to ©Marlene Swetlishoff, author/scribe, content originator of this material.

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Beloved Ones,

I would like to have discourse on the quality of love known as worthiness. This quality is a must have quality in each human soul. Too many times, a sensitive, loving person has allowed the opinions of others to cut to shreds the sense of their own worthiness. Realize, dear children of the Light, that each of you is a part, a spark of Light and intelligence of the Creator and that you are valued beyond measure for your very existence. There can be only good that emanates from those who remember that spark within their hearts, even in the most trying of circumstances.

Within a family unit that is filled with love and respect for each other, the sense of worthiness is a natural part of each person's innate sense of self. When there is disharmony in a family unit, it prompts a sensitive and loving individual to erect a barrier around their hearts to protect themselves, for these individuals feel that somehow they are responsible for creating the disharmony being experienced by some of the family members and because of the disharmony being experienced in the whole family unit, these loving individuals do not share these feelings with their family members and take upon themselves this burden of the sense of unworthiness that then colors each moment in their future lives.

It is essential that each person begins to realize that Earth is a testing ground, a school, if you will, that enables spirit souls to experience being in a physical body with all that this entails. This experience of being physically embodied as a human has given each soul who has had the courage and fortitude to do this, many myriad experiences that their soul would never in eons of time have been able to achieve otherwise. There are many souls who have not had the desire nor the courage to attempt such an experiment so those who are embodied here on Earth are considered to be the bravest of the brave and are looked upon as heroes in the higher realms of Light.

This realization is important at this time so that humanity can begin to re-integrate all that was lost of their own soul's power and divine abilities throughout their many lifetimes upon this and other planets. You are each most worthy of all of life's greatest good coming to you from all directions and if you would but begin to notice, you would become aware of how this goodness comes to you through your loved ones, through your friends and acquaintances, through events and circumstances. Yes, even those circumstances that are currently deemed as 'bad' are most valuable experiences that your infinite soul has desired to experience for its greater expansion and empowerment.

 All of life teems with infinite possibilities and in this vista, you as soul deserve the very highest and the very best of experiences and now is the time to begin to allow and open to receive the good that is waiting for you. It is time to embrace your worthiness as a child of the Creator and walk this planet with a sense of complete trust that you are worthy so that you go forth boldly claiming and thereby creating, a new world for yourselves and future generations of humanity. Claim each day, all that is rightfully yours, with highest and greatest good for all and it shall come to pass. This requires faith and belief in your worthiness, Oh Most Worthy Ones!

Open your minds and your hearts to the sure knowledge that all the good that is for you will come to you now in ever expanding synchronistic and even magical ways. Let gratitude fill your hearts whenever you experience this good and this will open your whole life to a new adventure of fully realized dreams that you now allow to find you. There is much good ahead, Dear Ones, be certain of this and live your life accordingly. Life on Earth is still filled with challenges and will for some time so that remembering your worthiness when these challenges touch your lives will help you to see a solution and find a better way through them.

I will leave you now to ponder on these words. Know that in the eyes of your Family of Light, you are and have always been most worthy.

I AM Archangel Gabriel.

(Excerpt from a forthcoming book. This article is not for sharing.)

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