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                  ARCHANGEL GABRIEL  - JUNE 2021


The above image of Archangel Gabriel was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©JanineRoseKeall. All rights reserved.

Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love called temperance. This quality requires an individual to have dominion over their thoughts, words, and actions. They are aware that their mind is the source or origin of all they do and say. They strive for harmony between their emotional, spiritual, physical and mental self.  Sometimes this is difficult, but discipline and self-control teaches one to blend these opposites to create a beautiful wholeness. Temperance brings to people the strengths they gained from the challenges they faced.

They are able to bring the lessons from the past into the present in new and innovative ways. They are peaceful, calm, self controlled and mild by nature, able to combine all aspects of life into a smooth whole without overwhelming anything. They are able to manifest, integrate and transform the spiritual into the physical in a balanced way. They combine different elements into a harmonious substance which creates a bridge between polarities like heaven and earth, masculine and feminine, beginning and end, in the blending of opposites.

Temperance in a person attunes them to the messages of the divine and when the person is at their best, they serve as bridges between the spirit and the earthly planes. Internal balance or the struggle towards it is integral to the person and they know that life flows more smoothly when they pay attention to their soul's voice, and this quality of love in an individual can help them become especially adept at doing so.

They are someone who is very thoughtful and not too emotional or too detached. They want nothing more than to make themselves better. Temperance is signified in a person's character as fairness and patience, and the person is able to get along well with another person in a peaceful way. They are someone who is very spiritually balanced, grounded and not inclined to excesses of any kind. Temperance combines beauty with foundation in order to produce a balanced lifestyle.

This quality of love expressed by an individual is one that can balance energies on many different levels, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. A temperate person is someone who is focused on an outcome they are yearning for and in order to reach that perfect outcome, they are willing to try to create something new out of older elements in their lives. They are moderate, philosophical, inquisitive and wise and are willing to experiment and transform themselves in order to expand their own state of mind and point of view. 

They are someone who can synthesize things really well, someone who thinks in terms of 'both' or 'and' (how to combine things successfully) rather than 'either/or' (how to choose one thing instead of another) and find the overlapping common ground and a workable compromise. Temperance is the exercise of emotional balance horizontally in the earth plane in order to generate movement vertically from below to above.

A temperate person is someone who is accepting of their own faults and the faults of others, they see what's great about others and everything else in life, they see what's great about their own selves and always try to find the middle ground. They sometimes are put in environments that do not suit them so that they can transform that environment into something else entirely. They are people who see potential everywhere.

They are forgiving of those who have done wrong or acted against their desires. They give people a second chance and are not vengeful. They understand that showing mercy tempers hatred and anger. They let their accomplishments speak for themselves and do not seek the spotlight or try to seem more special than they are. They practice self control, not letting their desires or emotions get out of hand and know that temperance is the balance of strengths within an individual which asks them to show moderation in all areas of their lives.

A temperate person applies what they have learned and mastered, they are artists in all phases of their life. They like to try new things, while at the same time maintaining a solid hold on their present security. They use their inner resources as an open door to the possibilities of reaping spiritual knowledge and realization. They trust that their patience will build their dreams. They focus all their energy on maintaining harmony between the material and the spiritual. They take it easy and don't rush things when they know that they need more time before making any major decisions.

Their lessons are learned through their experiences and they learn to resolve their dilemmas and assimilate their beliefs by seeing any mistakes as information and any problems as challenges. Their truth is realized from within as they unite their human endeavor with the gift of Gods grace. Achieving temperance represents the key to higher consciousness. Rising to a higher level of consciousness and understanding can result in bringing about rapid development of the intuitive and psychic senses.

As I take my leave, it is my hope that all people practice temperance by doing the correct thing in whatever situation arises, dealing with life as it comes, so that this balanced blend of activities and feelings, once achieved, will produce the sense of harmony and peace that all people seek.

I AM Archangel Gabriel.

©Marlene Swetlishoff. All rights reserved to the author/scribe and www.therainbowscribe.com. (This is an excerpt from a forthcoming book that is in completion...one of four that have been on hold due to health issues - and not for sharing until the book is published.)







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