ARCHANGEL GABRIEL#1 - AUGUST 2017

Beloved Ones,

I wish to have discourse on the quality of Love known as humility. This quality is one that is most necessary as each soul gains in their power, enlightenment and understanding. This quality keeps a person in balance and harmony and in the innate knowing that they are allowing their Great I AM Presence to manifest in and through them. In the enlightened one, there is a knowing that the Creator is the source of all that moves through them, that Creator is at the very heart of their being and all that manifests in and through them and that they are merely the conduits of this divine energy.

In a family relationship, the quality of humility can help to keep peace in all interactions, for often it is the human ego that arises when there are differences of opinion or of actions which challenge the others into making a choice in responding from their Higher Self with compassion and understanding or in reacting from a place of ego which usually results in hurt feelings and stubbornness and this in turn leads to feelings of separation and aloneness. At the very heart of it lies the fear of loss of something important and dear to the one being challenged. Many times what is being asked requires a sacrifice in a way that does mean a loss to the person or persons challenged and sometimes a decision has been made without any input from the ones who now have to deal with it after the fact. The ability to keep peace and harmony in a family unit requires the humility of seeking input from the other family members at all times.

In a personal relationship, this quality allows a flow of love and trust to color every interaction between the two individuals. When there is no ego involved, happiness is the result. Sometimes one individual makes choices that affect the other in a way that causes great pain to the other and creates a feeling of separation and anxiety, of being the outsider, a feeling of being diminished in their rightful place as the other half of the relationship. When this occurs the one who perpetrated the hurt must exercise humility by being willing to make atonement in any way possible to bring the relationship back to wholeness. Usually a heartfelt and sincere apology is the right place to start this process along with a truthful explanation of why they took such action.

In a business or work environment, this quality can create a feeling of trust and reliability in the other members of the work place where all can be depended upon. When all employees perform their duties with this quality of humility at the forefront, there is a feeling of openness and expansion for all in the group setting and more confidence is shared amongst all members. Quite often, a member of the work place takes advantage of those who practice the quality of humility in order to move themselves to the forefront in any move up the ladder of promotion for a higher paying position. This can create great resentment in those who have been practicing this quality and a rift occurs in the trust and esteem that these individuals were held in. This is often the main reason for great unhappiness and unrest in an organization or business environment. It is incumbent upon all individuals in a work environment to refrain from the promotion of self in such manner and to rely instead on their record of accomplishment within the company or workplace.

In a service organization such as a church or charity, there really is no need to work in competition with other members of the group and yet it seems that even these places are not immune to the weakness of the temptation in the promotion of self. In so many ways, the human ego has run rampant and has created discord and disharmony in every environment and now is the time to create transformation, to make change in the way business on this planet has been operating for many thousands of years. The quality of Love known as humility is what is needed now to manifest within every human heart and in their every thought, word, deed and action.

 Think upon these words as you attune to the loving vibration of the Creator of all who has always intended that all beings truly and sincerely desire the highest good in all and for all.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tama.


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