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 Beloved Ones,

I wish to have discourse on the quality of love known as humor. This quality is indispensable in keeping the lightness of being within the hearts of individuals and groups. With this quality manifesting within an individual and being expressed outwardly, whatever challenges or obstacles a person is facing become that much smaller and more manageable, for humor tends to lighten the load. Having this quality within gives a person a wonderful tool to use to bring balance into any situation that can take them off center. As long as a person has this quality, life can be lived with zest, enthusiasm and courage. The ability to persevere in the face of all seeming obstacles of unhappy nature can be withstood for another day.

The foremost reason that many people can get off balance is that they devote too much mental and emotional energy focusing on the challenges that are before them. They lose sight of the larger perspective of their life. When this quality is manifested and regularly applied in any situation that is stressful and rather heavy to deal with, it engenders the seeing of new perspectives that can change the situation in the most wondrous of ways. This facet of love brings healing and release from the seriousness of the focus that a person is holding and as laughter wells up from within them, they find that somehow the situation no longer seems as heavy and their spirit is thereby lightened considerably.

With this wonderful quality that employs the element of joy in it, people can go through their daily lives looking forward to a better day and situation when they awaken from their sleep the next day. Somehow, this quality has an element of magic in it and so one becomes an alchemical magician when one uses this quality in one’s life. The quality of humor can brighten many a person’s day as they find that life is much more meaningful and enjoyable when they experience the laughter that is a by-product of the use of this facet of love. Those who try to bring joy and laughter through this quality also show compassion and empathy towards others in times where they most need it. The expression of this quality is an act of love on behalf of those for whom it is intended.

When this quality is practiced on a regular basis, it is a way for a person to communicate great affection and esteem upon the recipient of it. As long as this quality is not overused by overdoing, it can become a literal life saver for many others - for laughter brings joy and joy brings an automatic increase in vibratory frequency. When a person’s frequency is uplifted to a higher level, they are then able to deal with whatever was troubling them in a more positive and philosophical manner. This quality, then, can truly lighten people up and put them in a much better place from whence to see with greater clarity that their lives are on track and all is well.

 Become a magician who employs this quality whenever the opportunity to do so arises and you will be most gratified with the results. You will see your beloved family members and friends with delighted smiles on their faces become more empowered and uplifted so that their problems seem to melt away. This is a quality of love that can be used with joyous abandon, as you dispense it liberally and plant your seeds of love everywhere. Be an agent of humor and brighten the world one person or group of people at a time! The world needs more of this quality in huge doses to counteract the changes and events that are taking place.

 I leave you now to contemplate how you can become the change in the world by planting your seeds of love.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

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