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Beloved Ones,

I want to have discourse on the quality of love known as boldness. This quality within each soul requires action in order to be manifested. When one employs this quality in one’s every day world, it facilitates movement toward chosen goals and visions, and also opens up the way to take whole hearted action in every appropriate moment.

This quality is an essential ingredient in the stepping forth to speak one’s truth to enable others around you to become aware of a different perspective, which in turn, enables others to become empowered also to stand up and speak their truth. Often, members of the human family have many important insights and truths that can be shared with those around them by using this aspect of love within them.

In the everyday living of your lives, it is this quality which encourages a forward and upward movement in the embracing of your own Divine qualities that lie like hidden treasures within you. It provides the impetus to allow the pearls of wisdom that your soul holds within you to come into expression in your interactions with others. It is important to share these insights and wisdom with the outer world in which you live and to express your precious life force.

It is only by employing this quality that understanding and comprehension can come to all who are in your sphere of influence. Boldness is required in the speaking of truths that need to be brought out into the light of day. The time for the suppression of these truths is quickly coming to an end. All that needs to be brought out into the open for balancing and acknowledgement must be spoken now with love.

This process of speaking one’s truth with boldness is quite often one that brings anxiety and nervousness to the ones who employ it, for quite often throughout the ages, those who had the boldness of spirit to speak their truths were silenced by the ruling class of that day in ways that brought great suffering, pain and even the cessation of life in the physical body.

These events have been held in the subconscious and in the very cells of your bodies and in these changing times all of these are welling up from within in the here and now. The understanding and recognition of this can encourage the quality of boldness to be brought into expression as each soul employs this quality to look within themselves and then take the steps necessary to liberate themselves as they recognize that what once was is no longer valid in this present moment and that it needs to be forgiven and released.

Upon this aspect of love lies great hope for the awakening of all humankind as they, as a whole, are exposed to the truths that were suppressed for many ages. This quality of love called boldness must be tempered with compassion and the expression of a higher form of love that can allow all in this world to take the high road to the embodying and integrating of their Divine essence of being. This was the natural state of being for all souls in the beginning of humankind’s emergence into the experience of life in the physical realms.

Those who have been, and still are, following the path of the heart, are helping to bring this quality into the awareness of all their brothers and sisters. You are the pattern makers for new templates of conduct, thought and behavior which are now being anchored upon and within the Earth through every thought, word and deed you daily express. Through your boldness of spirit in maintaining your Light and your vision for this new world, you are thereby creating it.

I take my leave knowing that I have emboldened each of you to stand up and speak your truth with love as you live your daily existence upon this most beautiful of worlds.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

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