ARCHANGEL GABRIEL #2 - AUGUST 2017


Beloved Ones,

I wish to have discourse on the quality of love known as persistence. This quality is very needed in all projects or endeavors, to enable individuals to successfully complete the bringing into manifestation of the task that they set out to accomplish or which others expect them to complete. In any given enterprise, persistence is necessary to see forward movement in the creation of something new. Without this quality, nothing in this world would ever be accomplished. By employing this quality in your own daily life you are constantly in the process of creation. You are a Creator.

In a family setting, persistence with the upkeep of daily chores in the home ensures that the household keeps running smoothly and efficiently. By adhering to the discipline of the performance of these chores using this quality of love, there is always divine order and harmony in the home. When nothing is left unfinished, there is a space created, a vacuum, which can then be filled with other more creatively inspired activities. By allowing this facet of love to flow through each individual in a family who aspires to work together in cooperation, the maintenance of home and yard leaves everyone with a good feeling of self esteem, beauty and pride in their living environment. This quality is an extremely helpful one to have to ensure success in any endeavor in life and it is in the home environment that this quality of persistence is developed.

In a personal relationship between two people, this quality is required in the keeping alive of their romance and passion to be an integral part of their life together. It requires persistence in always keeping the health and well being of each individual and the relationship as an important priority. By employing this facet of love each day in all activities and in all loving interactions with each other, each person’s self esteem and well being is assured. When each person knows that the other embodies this quality of love in the care of their relationship and in their home and in their responsibilities, there is much joy, confidence and happiness in each other and within each heart which radiates out into the world around them.

In the workplace this quality of love can mean greater production in product or service being brought to the marketplace and this can result in the flow of income coming in which then assures the employees of the security of their positions on an ongoing basis. When each person within the workplace uses this quality of persistence in their daily labor, the maintenance of the flow of the supply of product or service is relied upon and counted on. As each employee adheres to the spirit of cooperation and harmony by showing this quality, the workplace becomes a happy environment for all.

 In any creative project, this quality is essential in the process of bringing vision into physical reality. Without this facet of love, there would be no innovation or great artistic accomplishments and life on Earth would feel boring and dull. Through this quality being expressed by individuals and groups, the life of all humanity is enriched. By expressing this quality of love, many individuals throughout the world become very successful and acquire fame and renown by their peers. It is this very quality which keeps humanity moving forward upon the wheel of life.

I leave you now to ponder on these thoughts with persistence of intent.

 I AM Archangel Gabriel

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