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             ARCHANGEL GABRIEL #2 - JUNE 2018

The above image of Archangel Gabriel was commissioned by ©Marlene Swetlishoff through ©PsychicArtbyJanine. All rights reserved.

 Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as harmlessness. In order to cultivate this quality in one’s life, one must take responsibility for one’s own ability to respond to life’s most challenging situations by being able to respond rather than react. Harmlessness is the outstanding quality in which one speaks no words that can damage another person, thinks no thoughts that produce misunderstanding or can hurt anyone. It means to not harm or hurt physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

It is a discipline in which one recognizes the oneness and divinity of all life, a recognition that God lives in each and everyone, and in all things and is omnipresent in all life. This quality springs from true understanding and guidance of the personality by the soul that leads to one’s spiritual expression in everyday life. By practicing this quality in one’s daily life, one attracts only that which is beneficent. One uses the beneficent forces one attracts in this way for the helping of other beings and brings about the understanding of one's fellow men.

By employing this quality of love, one’s actions are taken with a full awareness of what one is doing or saying and by keeping a close watch upon its application in one’s daily life. By observing and studying one’s daily conduct, words and thoughts, one strives to make them harmless, by thinking only those thoughts about one’s self and others that are supportive, constructive and positive, and therefore, harmless in their effects. One studies their emotional effect upon others so that no mood, no depression, and no emotional reaction can harm their fellows. They work on the stabilization of their consciousness in their life and recognize the basic unity of all creation and the understanding that what affects one, affects all.

Harmlessness is the expression of the life of the individual who realizes themselves to be everywhere, who lives consciously as a soul, whose nature is love, whose method is inclusiveness, and to whom all forms are but externalizations of the Infinite One. This quality brings about caution in judgement, reticence in speech, the ability to refrain from impulsive action, and the demonstration of a non critical spirit - which brings to them spiritual energies which vitalize their personality, leading to right action. The result is that one is at peace and others are at peace with them.

 It is the essential foundation of all spiritual practice, applying non-violence to any aggressive reaction. When harmlessness and kindness in thought, word and action is practised, applied and become part of one's daily life expression, one can truly see others around them as they really are; another spark of divinity. When the heart is full of love and the mind is full of wisdom, then nothing is ever done that can cause distress to others in the long run.

This quality of love is a state of mind and one which does not negate firm or even drastic action when called for. It concerns motive and involves the determination that the motive behind all activity is goodwill which influences the mental approach with an outcome that brings about only good. It is having a deep connection to the principle of harmlessness itself, and requires taking responsibility for one’s intentions from moment to moment. Taking action on one’s intentional actions implies that one is at the center of a cause and effect process in every moment and that one’s intentions are shaping one’s consciousness in terms of the well-being or stress in one’s own life.

By tuning into a heart consciousness rather than a head consciousness, the more one feels how the closing of one’s heart to another or to one’s self also closes one’s self off from one’s own well being, the less inclined one becomes to follow this habit. The more one feels the fullness and vitality of an open heart, the more inclined one becomes to treasure whatever brings about its opening.

This quality of love is felt in the heart as an opening into wholeness and peace, a letting go of pain, and is in alignment with one’s deep aspiration for well being. The more one trusts in its power, the more the path through life joyfully opens up as they develop techniques of mindfulness and calm which helps them to clarify and improve their intentions and states of mind. This quality implies a loving concern for both self and others and that the inner motivation for being harmless can come from one’s love of others and for all living beings.

Harmlessness is one of the most potent forces in the world today and shows up in one’s daily life when one is embodying right motive, goodwill, reticence in speech and the ability to refrain from impulsive action. The demonstration in an individual of an uncritical spirit will allow the forces of genuine unconditional love to manifest into favourable human relations.

These spiritual energies can vitalize the personality into creating the highest outcome which yields only good in their life. It also preserves a true sense of values within them which maintains stability and steadfastness in the midst of the ever changing world they live in with a clear and directed purpose. They become aware that one’s feelings and emotions are harmless if they are charged with joy, love, kindness, respect and appreciation. Harmlessness is love in action and evokes spiritual response in others, where even the laws of nature support and empower.

 I take my leave with the hope that more of humanity begin to practice this quality of love with compassion, steadfast purpose and intent.

 I AM Archangel Gabriel

 ©Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu tama.

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