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Beloved Ones, 

 I would like to have discourse on the quality of love known as conviction. This quality is one that is deeply embedded within a person’s being. It is a quality that rises up each time one’s human self is being challenged by other people, circumstances or situations that come from the external world. This is a quality that can show one’s dedication and inner beliefs so that when these earthly challenges come, one can connect within themselves to their inner core of soul essence and remain true to themselves. It is often the practice upon the earth plane that this quality must come into play again and again, especially when one has beliefs that go against the grain of current accepted thought.

This quality of conviction is necessary for a person who has begun or is on, a spiritual journey that requires the testing of their mettle and inner strength, their strength of character. It requires the innate knowledge that one’s path is unique and individual and that no one else can know the inner workings of one’s soul, and to trust in that inner knowing as one walks their daily path. Each person on Earth has come with their own set of values and lessons to be learned and others can only make judgments that are not based on a working knowledge of a soul’s map for growth and expansion of wisdom and knowledge. Each event that occurs in life is an opportunity to gain much needed information and experience to help the pilgrim on to the next step.

As a soul experiences life in a human body with all its ups and downs, the soul is learning and connecting to their inner core of wisdom and knowledge, their pure essence of being that is connected to Source and connecting the dots, as it were, of the journey that was chosen. All is in divine timing and takes place according to their soul map. A soul is not placed here on Earth without a map to follow for then there would be no purpose for their being here. The facet of love known as conviction helps to foster and maintain this innate knowing of greater purpose and empowers each soul to keep on keeping on as they work through each puzzle piece that is their life.

For life on Earth is a dance of the experiences and expressions of many different elements and oftentimes other people come into that dance at the appropriate times in order that soul growth and experience of a particular nature take place. These people may come into one’s life to add the element of friction in order to add impetus to continued growth and expansion, so that one does not stagnate in the status quo but must journey on in their quest for connection to the higher aspects of themselves. Such friction tests the soul to connect with the inner quality of love known as conviction, of their soul’s worth and value.

 As each individual soul grows and expands in their comprehension and understanding of the manifestation of the qualities of love within themselves and others, all who are involved participate in the learning and expansion of their own soul growth, so in effect, each person who is in the life of another is actually there for a very important reason, no matter what the seeming appearances of this interaction may show. At the higher level of awareness, all is perfect and in divine order. Each soul gains thereby as they adhere to their inner quality of love known as conviction as these experiences are upon them.

Take then, this discourse to heart and begin to observe the workings of it in your daily life.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

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