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Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as guidance. Within each individual there is a very wise part of self, the infinite, eternal, loving, intelligent consciousness known as one’s higher and deeper self which can provide them with divine guidance from within. When one opens to this divine presence, they can consciously invite this powerful guidance into their daily lives. By making a daily practice of asking directly to the divine for guidance in providing choices that are for the best and for the highest good for all involved, it commits one to doing that which is best for themselves and for those that are affected.

In welcoming the guidance and wisdom of one’s angels and one’s God sanctioned spiritual guides, it opens up the possibilities of receiving answers and inspiration to one’s most pressing questions in order to keep one on the path that is right for them. When each person welcomes the input of these higher beings, they allow divine forces to enrich their life and the lives of those around them in unexpected ways. It is always important to include the intent in one’s request that the outcome be for the highest and greatest good for all.

By accepting all experiences in one’s life as opportunities for growth and understanding, as gifts from the divine, one opens oneself to a deeper level of divine guidance. The results may not always be what one has hoped for or expected, but in the long run one is likely to find their life becoming much richer, fuller, and more satisfying. In opening to divine guidance in all things and asking for guidance in choosing what's best for everyone concerned, one invites loving, supportive forces greater than oneself to help bring whatever is best into their lives and the lives of those around them.

It helps them connect with the beautiful shining core inside of them, and with the beautiful being who is worthy of love and support. Their shining core essence is still there and can be tapped into through one’s daily asking for higher guidance in all that one does. Each individual can open to a deeper, more authentic way of living and relating with others and become more able to accept and enjoy who they are in this moment with all their strengths and weaknesses. By doing this, their relationships can grow richer, deeper and more meaningful.

Through each individual’s inner guidance and acceptance of what really is in their lives, it allows each person to find the courage to be all that they can be, and to empower others in doing the same. As they open to divine guidance and are willing to choose what’s best, they strive to accept and find compassion for themselves and all others within their sphere of influence. By making this commitment to one’s own personal growth through discernment of what they can change and what they cannot change, it becomes easier to love and empower those around them; to make the choice to love and to empower the divine spark within everyone.

Many times, one may have the belief that hard work and sacrifice are the only way to get what one wants and that they should reserve asking for guidance and support only with the big issues in their lives and not for the little things. There are many individuals who are not sure if guides or angels exist and by this belief, they close themselves off from this incredible source of guidance, support and love.

By allowing the creative, intelligent consciousness of spirit to work through one’s inner guidance, one’s life can take a dramatic turn for the better. A person can feel the energy of something greater than their physical self at work and by taking action on the guidance they receive from within, they start to see some amazing results. Through this guidance they are helped to make the best decisions and to recognize the opportunities that will move them toward their goals.

 They are given wisdom and helpful information, the resources that they need and the right people to appear to ensure success in the accomplishment of their goals and objectives. Many individuals may not realize that their spiritual guides are always ready to be of assistance. They may not realize that unless one asks for assistance from their guides, their guides will not interfere in their life. This is the beauty and the drawback of having free will choice. If one decides they need and want help and asks for it, that help will come from spirit and their higher self and it will come freely and abundantly.

By tapping into the power of creation through the divine guidance one receives, one’s life can become a miracle instead of being stuck in the mundane reality using only their mundane mind. One opens the door to so much more that life has to offer when they connect to that light of wisdom and guidance within them. They begin to know themselves, to truly be at one with the Source and to be their own truth - the light of their own true pure being. It is this Source that resides within everyone that can be allowed to speak its truth, its messages and its ability to give.

One is able to live in a state of knowing and to move more confidently on their path with greater ease and grace. The connection to one’s higher self and spirit enables one to know the best path for them to take in each moment. One becomes fully established in their true authentic being. Their inner guide is the one they can always go to for support as they allow themselves to open and to experience the presence and beneficial power in an ever expanding and deeply enriching relationship.

May each of you become more and more attuned to your inner guidance and assistance and may you deepen your appreciation of the significance of your divine relationship with spirit.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

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